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  • *inserts the voice of s1mple* "Why you bully me?"

    Kirk PareKirk Pare15 timmar sedan
  • I want this version of moonlight tigaiko please who can give.

    Auzie PkAuzie Pk17 timmar sedan
  • Music syncing is on another level ⚡

    Auzie PkAuzie Pk18 timmar sedan
  • NAVI.S1mple G.O.A.T ❤️

    Auzie PkAuzie Pk18 timmar sedan
  • 1st Song pleaase name it

    Auzie PkAuzie Pk18 timmar sedan
    • Tigaiko Moonlight But not this slow version

      Auzie PkAuzie Pk18 timmar sedan
  • B1T nearly dropping the trophy is the funniest shit ever

    Harry ChenHarry Chen19 timmar sedan
  • 13:47 sad

    ClumsypandaClumsypanda22 timmar sedan
  • Well edited simple frag movie! :D

    Lo RenzLo Renz22 timmar sedan
  • Now this is the NaVi era!

    PR1SMAPR1SMA23 timmar sedan
  • Flamie definitely cheated lol no way

    Hatujeme Let'splayery Hesky, ČeskyHatujeme Let'splayery Hesky, Česky23 timmar sedan
  • rip in peace G2

    Blade-Blade-Dag sedan
  • s1mple is just too good for this game mate......

    Octavianus MarcelioOctavianus MarcelioDag sedan
  • That Bass drop @ 6:16 and the drums right before he hits the shot got me so fucking hyped! Great video, the editing, music, and clips were just amazing! Well done job ESL!

    Ammaar YousufiAmmaar YousufiDag sedan
  • the thumbnail could make a hell of a team lol

    Pedro PedreiroPedro PedreiroDag sedan

    veritascsveritascsDag sedan
  • Why not “Simple Frag Movie” lol

    1KN20CS031 Abishek Rajkumar1KN20CS031 Abishek RajkumarDag sedan
  • the background music when they show simple is so menacing, i love it

    LaufeyLaufeyDag sedan
  • This S1mple . Omg 😳 . He's outstanding

    Prasad ExidePrasad ExideDag sedan
  • Best video <3

    Fallen InsiderFallen InsiderDag sedan
  • Kurwa kiedys to było

    KuXniA XproXKuXniA XproXDag sedan
  • so sad, no hadji clip in b tuns

    CptnPenguinyCptnPenguinyDag sedan
  • you mean simple' fragmovie XD Man's a beast

    Gem theMageGem theMageDag sedan
  • You remember in God of War 4 where the guy decapitate says he knows everything and Kratos aks him something and he doesnt know the answer Cadian 14:48

    PixelBagelPixelBagelDag sedan
  • Nice video 👍

    Паша ЦарукПаша ЦарукDag sedan
  • I’d take kqly 👀

    Alkyzer GamingAlkyzer GamingDag sedan
  • Wow, thx

    Val ZakVal ZakDag sedan

    Ιβάν ΣοφόςΙβάν ΣοφόςDag sedan
  • Tbf broky's 4k was pretty fking sick

    ErupticErupticDag sedan
  • Good player, skillfull, teamplayer but not a captain ;)

    Blerton KameriBlerton KameriDag sedan
  • That was simple -_-

  • Lyaguha zaywoo soset hui

    wos1swos1sDag sedan
  • Godlike edits! Really hyped up xD!

    Swarnaditya MaitraSwarnaditya MaitraDag sedan
  • S1mple is so hot 🔥🔥🔥

    P1xel PlexP1xel PlexDag sedan
  • The first song? I know it's Moonlight by Tigaiko but I cannot find this version anywhere.👀

    Harsh ChandelHarsh ChandelDag sedan
  • ViRRe vs ESL IEM Fragmovie maker who is the best

    EzVac GamingEzVac GamingDag sedan
  • S1mple- Kratos of Counter Strike

    lBaBuRaOllBaBuRaOlDag sedan
  • what is the song at the beginning of the video?

    Gabriel RichyGabriel RichyDag sedan
  • Very high quality videos from ESL throughout the whole competition - huge thank you to the editing team who put the compilations, daily summaries and frag movies together!

    TechTanácsTechTanácsDag sedan
  • this comentators in 1 ear and music and bass in other gives me headache , I really dont like it .

    NiPLuckyNiPLuckyDag sedan
  • s1mple was smurfing in pro tournament 😂

    luteni4kAluteni4kADag sedan
  • Others - full buy vs eco S1mple - eco vs full buy

    Sumit KumarSumit KumarDag sedan
  • Damn the production of this fragmovie is insane

    miniminiDag sedan
  • What a tournament brow

    RuqersaRuqersaDag sedan
  • Where is the clutch Zywoo 1v4??

    Диас АсетДиас АсетDag sedan
  • Damn No Zywoo highlights this tournament 😭

    Ipsit NayakIpsit NayakDag sedan
  • so basically this video is all about simple and Twistzz

    AlishaAlishaDag sedan
  • Really enjoyed the frag movie but please include all frags of the round in the highlights shown. Also do 60 fps next time please.

    Saqib FarooqSaqib FarooqDag sedan
  • I believe in Niko's Deag Supremacy

    Quân PhạmQuân PhạmDag sedan
  • Что же вы Окаяные -такие, не показали фраги Бита и его невероятный аим!!!!?

    Sapfo ΣαπφώSapfo ΣαπφώDag sedan
  • It's funny how twistzz is performing so good in Faze, that tells how messed up liquid is.

    Vivek BureVivek BureDag sedan
  • 6:42 pause it and thank me later

    iDoWorrkiDoWorrkDag sedan
  • How can s1mple just get better and better?

    John CenaJohn CenaDag sedan
  • Amazing and could someone someone please share the info on background track. Thanks.

    Dusan VukicevicDusan VukicevicDag sedan
  • Lmao. The editor did G2 dirty. Only one clip even though they placed 2nd.

    Matches MaloneMatches MaloneDag sedan
  • where buster ace moment ESL???

    NooriNooriDag sedan
  • What a cheater this simple is .

    LetsRunAwayFromEverythingLetsRunAwayFromEverythingDag sedan
  • IEM please upload your songs playlist

    Jizou HJizou HDag sedan
  • I like the thumbnail. S1mple best, olof is legend, twist so hot, niko is frustated and nexa emmm idk haha

    keysha avenleekeysha avenleeDag sedan
  • who edited this?? so good

    KooljinxKooljinxDag sedan
  • It should be titled IEM S1mple Frag Movie

    John Kenneth PintuanJohn Kenneth PintuanDag sedan
  • ngl sucks that EPL is not Lan :( its like going back to 60hz after using 240hz I have watched all the s teir tournament this year but I might not be watching epl after getting the taste of LAN.

    laughyGlaughyGDag sedan
  • They didnt show zywoo's 4k , yea nice fragmovie

    GuNNeR IXGuNNeR IXDag sedan
    • @Mat Falcao if u dont know shit about cs dont reply please , vitality ranked better than nip and spirit in IEM

      GuNNeR IXGuNNeR IXDag sedan
    • @GuNNeR IX possible champion lmfao

      Mat FalcaoMat FalcaoDag sedan
    • @Mat Falcao yea cuz nip and big and team spirit are champions, lol nice logic

      GuNNeR IXGuNNeR IXDag sedan
    • sorry but the priorty is for champions only

      Mat FalcaoMat FalcaoDag sedan
  • This LAN was all S1mple and NaVi, Hands down domination, no one stood a chance

    Amar BapatAmar BapatDag sedan
  • that was sick, and I'm from siege

    kev-_-kev-_-Dag sedan
  • -How many highlights you want with S1mple? -Yes!!!

    Егор ДавыдовЕгор ДавыдовDag sedan
  • We got it! Simple is the best!👋🏻

    Лео МессиЛео МессиDag sedan
  • The s1mple and twistzz frag movie

    Matsu MMatsu MDag sedan
  • Niko with the cheek kiss to his cousin, wholesome af

    PatchooPatchooDag sedan
  • RTX shaders. Impressive.

    AmberAmberDag sedan
  • You idiots displaying astralis like this is truly pathetic.

    AbhilekhAbhilekhDag sedan
  • can someone list songs used in video?👇

  • Where's the hadji anti eco ace in lower tuns, the 360 deagle?

    LT ChenLT ChenDag sedan
  • Today is ZEROth DaY, fRee aLL, at ZERO hour Verse OFF aLL UNiVerseas, no time 2 regret and revenge thereafter.

    KhaLasH thakkarKhaLasH thakkarDag sedan
  • Thanks ESL for bring back a lan ☹️

    rapsan0rapsan0Dag sedan
  • This video is going straight to the downloads.

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANDag sedan
  • This tournament gave us a lot of memories to cherish. Thanks ESL,intel etc.

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANDag sedan
  • That TWISTZZ's ace music sync was insane.. bam bam bamm bamm bamm😍

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANDag sedan
  • Welcome to the NAVI's era. Next major incoming 💛💛💛💛

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANDag sedan