First Pro Match on de_ancient! - DreamHack Masters Spring Show Match

The very first match featuring Pros on the all new de_ancient!
Team Spunj goes up against Team Machine.
Featuring ChrisJ, Jackinho, faNg, dycha, Juliano, KennyS, VINI and arT!

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  • I like the map design and am excited to see it in pro play, just hoping that any and all FPS issues are resolved

    Enzo TansingcoEnzo Tansingco16 dagar sedan
  • bro art such a troll lmao

    HansenHansen18 dagar sedan
  • Lol 4 AWPers on team spunj and only a secondary AWPer (jackihno is primary now) on team machine

    matt limatt li19 dagar sedan
  • art 2:38 looked at the first guy flashed and 2nd guy through the pillar lmao

    cdunc 9630cdunc 963019 dagar sedan
  • Valve, You're telling me THIS.. is better than train?

    ManreeManreeMånad sedan
  • This map is truly ct sided, the checker room in b site, ct can easily push. Both sites have too many angles to clear. The timing in mid, ct can push and ignore the top mid smoke. This Ancient is even more ct sided than Train

    Quân Vũ MinhQuân Vũ MinhMånad sedan
  • isn't dycha in ence?

    Finn DuoFinn DuoMånad sedan
  • Why they call her Juliano? Wtf?

    White ShadowWhite ShadowMånad sedan
    • that's her name

      PrincePrinceMånad sedan
  • i hate how ct sided map is if i start on ct side its over i already won match i just know it and if i start on t i get banged by ct's

    ElectrElectrMånad sedan
    • Doesn't make sense. You play 15 rounds on both sides so how can the match be won or lost already depending on your starting side? If you get tilted after losing 0:15 on t side you can still bring back a tie.

      RaimaNdRaimaNdMånad sedan
  • Amazing match! 🔥🔥🔥

    Anton BAnton BMånad sedan
  • How about stop call it Dreamhack 😂 wtf is this? Cheaterstrike Global Offending or what ?

    MaxeMaxeMånad sedan
  • machine was like - guys, avenge my death

    pradyumn singhpradyumn singhMånad sedan
    • lol

      Madmax FuryMadmax FuryMånad sedan
  • 29:44 savage.

    Joe WheelerJoe WheelerMånad sedan
  • 28:18 underrated comment

    Osch WaldOsch WaldMånad sedan
  • İmor: leş map(bad map)

    Pağül PogbaPağül PogbaMånad sedan
  • Highlights 9:01 art 3k 10:57 dycha deagle 3k 28:37 art sawed off kill (lol) 31:36 Fang 4k 40:33 Vini knife kill

    Z RaderZ RaderMånad sedan
    • KennyS tilted as usual

      PrincePrinceMånad sedan
  • Trash map

    δlieřδlieřMånad sedan
  • Very dark map shit

    Ali BekAli BekMånad sedan
  • Team SPUNJ seems so sad.

    Retar DedRetar DedMånad sedan
  • Unreal retake a site

    Deja Vu-Deja Vu-Månad sedan
  • Will ancient souvenir will added in the major?

    noob yolonoob yoloMånad sedan
  • Dark shit map plz return train

    Jasurbek LazizjonovJasurbek LazizjonovMånad sedan

    gordonfree mangordonfree manMånad sedan
  • kenny looks so anxious

    MolroMolroMånad sedan
    • hes known for that

      Kameron PetersKameron PetersMånad sedan
  • 322)) *joke*

    Коннор RK800Коннор RK800Månad sedan
  • fun casters

    184 766 Suraj N M184 766 Suraj N MMånad sedan
  • This map plays like a Valorant map... By which I mean you have to check a million redundant angles. It sucks.

    krazed0451krazed0451Månad sedan
    • Check the Mocha map, it's even worse.

      Roma MRoma MMånad sedan
  • d;ycha

    Guimi The AceGuimi The AceMånad sedan
  • Is julia juliano?

    Allen RamosAllen RamosMånad sedan
    • I think he was saying Juliana it's just his accent

      Dapmon77Dapmon77Månad sedan
  • Julia is juliano?

    Mirza ikrama BaigMirza ikrama BaigMånad sedan
  • Damm you have kennyS, chrisj and art on your team, and this julia picks up the awp

    NKSNKSMånad sedan
    • It's a fucking show match lol

    • Umm where did she do that, I saw maybe 85% of the rounds and the AWP was always either kennyS or CHRISJ?

      VenombladesVenombladesMånad sedan
    • turns out she is not a team player chrisJ would have loved to awp but always went for deag, rifle or scout for the sake of team

      RishabhRishabhMånad sedan
    • Yeah I felt it was 5v4

      Sohaib Siddiq KhanSohaib Siddiq KhanMånad sedan
    • Julia >>>>>>

      Prof Márcio BrenoProf Márcio BrenoMånad sedan
  • Never a pro map. Anubis is better lmao

    3waystopcock3waystopcockMånad sedan
    • still ancient > train

      askyeyVaskyeyVMånad sedan
    • Agreed! Anubis should come to competitive pool

      IgorIgorMånad sedan
  • Stupid map

    HT ArapiHT ArapiMånad sedan
  • 26:00 mid one way smoke by ChrisJ

    Emel1Emel1Månad sedan
  • pollys pocket is such an annoying call out why on earth would that be used?

    Tom SmithTom SmithMånad sedan
  • Miss Lan so muchh....

    Felix-_-Felix-_-Månad sedan
  • anubis could have been a much better competetive map than this trash

    RishabhRishabhMånad sedan
  • So basically whoever gets to play CT second wins. Well done Valve, well done.

    • @Reason No, becase imagine that you get it first and win 12:3. You will get cocky in the another half and that might lose you the game. But I must say that it may work the other way around as well... I mean that if you are losing so much on t-side, you stop really trying to win. I guess it depends on the rank or face it level you are playing at

      FOGER-FOGER-Månad sedan
    • How’s that make sense lol? Wouldn’t it be whoever gets it first?

      ReasonReasonMånad sedan
  • New Roster: KennyS, Scream, Flusha, n0thing, Get_Right

    • Yes

      Retar DedRetar DedMånad sedan
    • yeah maybe in 2015

      Nick SNick SMånad sedan
  • Song name 22:20 to 24:05 ?

    Darshit DaveDarshit DaveMånad sedan
    • @Emel1 oh thanks a lot dude. I just didn't scroll down the description.

      Darshit DaveDarshit DaveMånad sedan
    • Wanna Know (feat. Voix) Audiomachine. Its also on this video's desc

      Emel1Emel1Månad sedan
  • This map is the worriest in cs go

    Kamień tvKamień tvMånad sedan
    • you must be a mirage only player

      incis1veincis1veMånad sedan
  • everyone saw why G2 benched kenny. overrated as hell

    Chauhan, ShekharChauhan, ShekharMånad sedan
    • You are the one who dislikes kennyS videos

      Ayush MinjAyush MinjMånad sedan
    • @AS Music then maybe you need to have a look at HLTV. there are still so many of his fanboys crying shit all day

      Chauhan, ShekharChauhan, ShekharMånad sedan
    • Overrated? No one calls him the best awper in the world right now lol, everyone knows that he is not a top tier awper anymore, but still I hope he becomes decent again if not godlike

      AS MusicAS MusicMånad sedan
  • Omg kennys

    inyukayinyukayMånad sedan
  • Machine getting absolutly carried but i guess if you build a banging team you can lay back :) congrats machine

    QuesteQuesteMånad sedan
    • @Fiddlebender no shit sherlock

      QuesteQuesteMånad sedan
    • That's not really the point. He's a caster and this match had no stakes. Just a taste of what is to come in future tournaments.

      FiddlebenderFiddlebenderMånad sedan
  • The descendant of aztec but in ESL PRO LEAGUE

  • players with serious aim like zywoo ,simple,niko,twist will have an advantage

    g0d is Gamerg0d is GamerMånad sedan
    • No shit sherlock

      Julián Pérez NúñezJulián Pérez NúñezMånad sedan
    • Isn't that, like, the WHOLE point of shooters that u have advantage with better aim

      IntrovertedsocietyIntrovertedsocietyMånad sedan
    • they always had an advantage, its called better aim. nothing new.

      Simply RubenSimply RubenMånad sedan
  • kennyS wasn't happy throughout the match.. why he taking a showmatch so seriously :(

    AS MusicAS MusicMånad sedan
    • He's always been quite prone to tilting. His streams are mostly dragged down by his reactions to losing some rounds or matches. Don't get me wrong I love me some kennys but I think he would be so much better as a player if he just chilled a bit. :D

      Sebastian JacquesSebastian JacquesMånad sedan
    • @Rishabh yea that explains.. hopefully he becomes better again he's my favourite player :(

      AS MusicAS MusicMånad sedan
    • u probably havent been watching his latest streams on twitch for the past 4 days he has only been playing ancient on MM thats why he was a bit upset as he probably knew the map better than everybody else

      RishabhRishabhMånad sedan
  • Godkinho

    LIPOLIPOMånad sedan
  • Big shame you moved to Twitch 👎

    Hugo AnfieldHugo AnfieldMånad sedan
  • Ironic that they got rid of the map that is ct sided and brought a different map that is EVEN MORE ct sided Big sad for train

    Brixter GeronimoBrixter GeronimoMånad sedan
    • @DwaCztery why?? we had that map for a while, why would you bring back old maps that would make it more boring. they should ad more new maps not just re-use the ones we already have played for so long

      BonneBonneMånad sedan
    • I guess they should add cache to map pool. Would be lotta better.

      DwaCzteryDwaCzteryMånad sedan
    • Stop crying. We're playing the same maps for the last 20 years. It's time to get something new.

      LuckyGnom 2LuckyGnom 2Månad sedan
    • @Ikjok Tan mirage is way more populair than train so that wouldnt make sense. i would have liked to replace dust2 but it is one of their most populair maps so that would be a stupid decision

      BonneBonneMånad sedan
    • @Bonne should've replaced mirage

      Ikjok TanIkjok TanMånad sedan
  • "pro match"

    1stTime (Yes I'm Global)1stTime (Yes I'm Global)Månad sedan
  • Hate to see my boy Spunj lose 😢

    Sebastian KilmartinSebastian KilmartinMånad sedan
  • arT vs his temmate in FURIA VINI lol

    Real M1douReal M1douMånad sedan
  • We need these map rotations! Love ittt

    Juanro AguilóJuanro AguilóMånad sedan
  • 2:38 ayo art?

    MaximooMaximooMånad sedan
  • arT against VINI

    wexaw CSwexaw CSMånad sedan
  • 360p club

    AnthraxAnthraxMånad sedan
  • 360p

    DCMXDCMXMånad sedan
  • 360 p feel like 10 hz monitor

    aKalmaKalmMånad sedan
  • 360p POG

    NATOHNATOHMånad sedan
  • why 360p maaan?

    EsskeetiniEsskeetiniMånad sedan
  • Guys, you know what ? To me ancient is just a bad version of aztec, so as aztec was insanely good, ancient is ok

    NATOHNATOHMånad sedan
    • the problem with ancient as reiterated by a few pros like tarik as well is that the map is very tight with a lot of close angles it is a map where evrything is just shoved in ur face nd just like overpass the lighting of the map in certain areas also needs to be tweaked

      RishabhRishabhMånad sedan
    • Aztec suck a lot. Its layout is just horrible and it looks bad

      Артём ТорАртём ТорMånad sedan
    • was fun map, but too ct sided, idk why the removed these fun maps

      EsskeetiniEsskeetiniMånad sedan
  • 360P really????

    Sean BerGerSean BerGerMånad sedan
    • You are early, just wait few minutes and refresh page

      NoHeartGuyNoHeartGuyMånad sedan
  • sooo early its 360p

    AqiLAqiLMånad sedan
  • Ancient seems like a good map

    Shpat ShpatShpat ShpatMånad sedan
    • It’ll spice things up a bit.

      Phamous1nePhamous1neMånad sedan
  • 360p crew where are you?!

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMånad sedan
    • why ignore 144p gang

      dennisdennisMånad sedan

    • ✌️

      VijayVijayMånad sedan
    • 480p with 256kb/s internet speed 🔥🔥

      Ahmad KashourAhmad KashourMånad sedan
    • This map is so dog shit

      Kamień tvKamień tvMånad sedan
  • M

    KB TKB TMånad sedan
  • .

    learsi CSGOlearsi CSGOMånad sedan