How to go PRO: More than just stats

How to you actually become a professional CS:GO player?
What do Pros need inside and outside of the game?
Coaches and Players of the best teams in the world have the answers in How to go Pro.

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  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmy15 dagar sedan
  • This is what i tell my teamates whenever im bottom fragging

    Lee MarquezLee Marquez17 dagar sedan
  • here goes nothing

    Aljaafari ChannelAljaafari Channel18 dagar sedan
  • xantares disagrees

    KerttisKerttis18 dagar sedan
  • anyone have any idea what specifically NAF is watching? 🤔

    Nin0Nin018 dagar sedan
    • @Nin0 true

      Christian WagnerChristian Wagner12 dagar sedan
    • @Christian Wagner he could still be technically watching demos even if he's on YT though, channels like: mahone_tv, NartOutHere etc.

      Nin0Nin013 dagar sedan
    • not demos lmao

      Christian WagnerChristian Wagner13 dagar sedan
  • Не чего но понял, но было интересно🤔

    Ibragim TumalaevIbragim Tumalaev18 dagar sedan
  • No.. Remove cheaters from the game by improving VAC

    Berdugong-Druglord Manyakis PresidentBerdugong-Druglord Manyakis President18 dagar sedan
    • Play on Faceit and ESEA, and you will get most likely to be scouted and recruited by the esports organization. Don't waste your time playing on MM, play on faceit/esea if you want really to go pro. And Complain the VAC issue to Valve, not in ESL. ESL are not developers, they are just organizing the tournaments.

      QuillnLgndQuillnLgnd18 dagar sedan
    • someyimes when u think they are cheaters just play better and more confident it helped me a ton. and most of times its just smurfers and you will manage to win or at least come close. change how you play, play more agressive but more coutious. or more passive. and also a good team amd dont be toxic bcs it will match you up with toxic teams which is annoying af and will make your gameplay suck

      xxtoxiixxtoxii18 dagar sedan
    • not really and idk if you are serious or not but whatever

      PunchyPunchy18 dagar sedan
  • Having done some minor league stuff, even if you are a silver you can get on teams. Realistically if you have a good mindset for self improvement as well as good team work skills, you will be fine in a pro scene. The more you play with a dedicated team, the better you will become and at that point rank doesn't matter.

    Nick KennedyNick Kennedy18 dagar sedan
    • To a degree, yes. But you will not go straight to pro if you are a silver lol. Cominh from a silver

      Zachary PriehsZachary Priehs18 dagar sedan
    • No, as a silver u wont be on a pro team.

      kaynkayn18 dagar sedan
  • thank you now that you posted this video I have climbed up the NA CSGO ladder and am about to be signed for cloud 9's next roster.

    TieSeyTieSey18 dagar sedan
    • Nice

      daihatsumasterdaihatsumaster17 dagar sedan
    • Savage 😂😂

      Joe BaidenJoe Baiden18 dagar sedan
  • Last time I was this early I was Silver 1

    Deivids PlavnieksDeivids Plavnieks18 dagar sedan
  • Summary Get good Play smart Be a good, reasonable team player

    Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian18 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid

    Dill DoeDill Doe18 dagar sedan
  • Funny how they show the ESL one logo when it’s dead

    AsmusAsmus18 dagar sedan
    • @Rizky Ario Bimo I guess for money to compensate for ticket sales

      AsmusAsmus18 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, why they replace it with IEM :(

      Rizky Ario BimoRizky Ario Bimo18 dagar sedan
  • Where do you find the demos of latest pro matches ?

    Arpan BoseArpan Bose18 dagar sedan
    • @Arpan Bose And if you struggle to set one up you can probably find a tutorial on how to do it from youtube

      PunchyPunchy18 dagar sedan
    • @Palle Thanks gonna check it out

      Arpan BoseArpan Bose18 dagar sedan
    • hltv

      PallePalle18 dagar sedan
  • 3:15 damm i miss lan events

    Manas JunejaManas Juneja18 dagar sedan
    • Dont worry just a month to go til studio events and then soon after we will have proper lans

      Hugo_Luca_Hugo_Luca_18 dagar sedan
  • Spanish subtitles please :(

    Jairo DelacruzJairo Delacruz18 dagar sedan
  • Thank for everything!!!

    MrBlue TuxedomanMrBlue Tuxedoman18 dagar sedan
  • Good Video

    Vagn Erik MadsenVagn Erik Madsen18 dagar sedan
    • @MrBlue Tuxedoman no

      Vagn Erik MadsenVagn Erik Madsen18 dagar sedan