The MOST EXCITING team to watch right now

They didn't drop a map during the ESL Pro League Season 13 Playoffs.
They finished in style. They are HEROIC.

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  • Which game is it?

    Umme Salma RosyUmme Salma RosyMånad sedan
  • Then they lost to gambit Pog

    Corbin SiennaCorbin SiennaMånad sedan
  • TeSeS VAC!!!

    pexareha pexarehapexareha pexarehaMånad sedan
  • So when are we getting major so far anyone Petition for Major.

    Canon 07Canon 07Månad sedan
    • @PurpleShirt910 not “in” There is a major in Stockholm :)

      Tajs JespersenTajs JespersenMånad sedan
    • I thought there was a major this fall "in" Stockholm

      PurpleShirt910PurpleShirt910Månad sedan
  • I wonder what happens at the first Lan Tournament :)

    mr unknownmr unknownMånad sedan
    • @GK allert now November

      TiCkShotTiCkShotMånad sedan
    • When will be the 1st lan?

      GK allert nowGK allert nowMånad sedan
  • Click on the video, pause, Like, play

    Cru3lCru3lMånad sedan
  • ?? 9z

    Maxi IriarteMaxi IriarteMånad sedan
  • descreption says they didnt drop a single map during playoffs but wasnt the grand final a 3-2? correct me if im wrong plz

    Alesund GresiekAlesund GresiekMånad sedan
    • The video was edited before the final, also why there is no Cadian Clutch ;)

      Tajs JespersenTajs JespersenMånad sedan
  • Well in an interview with rivalry semmler said, If these new clans or cis teams perform in LAN just as good as now then they are worthy of being at the top.

    Beetle NutBeetle NutMånad sedan
  • people with heroic stickers in their inventory be - STONKS

    Torsa YTTorsa YTMånad sedan
    • @Diego Andy yessir, imma keep it till it reaches to the fuckin moon

      Torsa YTTorsa YTMånad sedan
    • @Torsa YT don't sell it, their price will increase drastically in a year or so if they keep this up

      Diego AndyDiego AndyMånad sedan
    • @Hugo Wick and i just unboxed a heroic gold yesterday :))) imma keep it, but honestly I saw very much potential in that team from days

      Torsa YTTorsa YTMånad sedan
    • i thought it had no value and then slapped it on an default ak :(

      Hugo WickHugo WickMånad sedan
  • Overrated bots

    Mc “McLovin” LovinMc “McLovin” LovinMånad sedan
    • Naw there the best right now.

      PurpleShirt910PurpleShirt910Månad sedan
    • cry is free

      BintangBintangMånad sedan
    • ofc people like u will showed up

      m tm tMånad sedan
  • Biggest onliners of all time

    Huzina Patrik (lonelY)Huzina Patrik (lonelY)Månad sedan
    • hunter and niko are the only players in your favorite team, lmao

      vK1llxr -vK1llxr -Månad sedan
    • I understand that onliners tend to suck at lan because it's a different environment, but why should teams who dominate lan not dominate online? It seems online is the only way to truly find out whos the best.

      BrimStoneTheEntryFraggerBrimStoneTheEntryFraggerMånad sedan
    • stop crying g2 fanboy

      Zenklas YTZenklas YTMånad sedan
    • Agreed

      Beetle NutBeetle NutMånad sedan
  • Nice edit ESL 👍 and can you make other team highlight video?

  • 733rd

    Rheece HattinghRheece HattinghMånad sedan
  • Cheats

    Jorge PedrozoJorge PedrozoMånad sedan
    • Lol

      PurpleShirt910PurpleShirt910Månad sedan
  • Gambit>>>

    JV 00JV 00Månad sedan
  • Cadian is a genius.

    Brax1os (BrAx1oS)Brax1os (BrAx1oS)Månad sedan
  • 10th

    A. TirupataiyA. TirupataiyMånad sedan
  • 10th

    Life of ZoeLife of ZoeMånad sedan
  • Гамбит айырып тастадыго

    Xerr O oXerr O oMånad sedan
    • @N. М. Ty

      Pit ThunderPit ThunderMånad sedan
    • @Pit Thunder translated from kazakh: gambit tore his ass

      N. М.N. М.Månad sedan
    • ?

      Pit ThunderPit ThunderMånad sedan
  • Here to cheer myself up after loosing 16-1 because all of my teammates decided to rush b every single round:(

    BRYCE MBRYCE MMånad sedan
    • You rush b every round and lose??

      parso~parso~Månad sedan
    • I might be your teammate.

      romdon ромдонromdon ромдонMånad sedan
    • Feelsbadman

      timtimMånad sedan
    • arent we all

      FanshikoFanshikoMånad sedan
  • First of ten

    ali shaifali shaifMånad sedan
  • "ESL, will you be posting content about ANY other team than Heroic again?" Eventually. Let's see how is insane next! "WHY NO CADIAN CLUTCH IN THIS?!" This was edited before that happened. Sadly we can't afford clairvoyant editors. "Papa love you?" Papa say SEcrone admin no real job. Sadge.

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMånad sedan
    • Where is CS psychology 101?

      Reece HireReece HireMånad sedan
    • F

      ツLaBtツLaBtMånad sedan
    • Papa Bad. Come to Daddy. Daddy give nice...... *a d v i c e.*

      Akash DebAkash DebMånad sedan
    • no you

      CalCalMånad sedan
  • Cadian is beast ngl

    blandconstantblandconstantMånad sedan
  • wow

    Lyp1x OfficialLyp1x OfficialMånad sedan
  • ,4th

    Dumber NingthemchaDumber NingthemchaMånad sedan
  • 🔥🔥

    prof_ 0prof_ 0Månad sedan
  • Bruh

    sнтeppasнтeppaMånad sedan
  • First?

    Box_In_The_HatBox_In_The_HatMånad sedan
  • i'm first, idk what i can say :))

    IHeartz 27IHeartz 27Månad sedan