Natus Vincere: A Team of Champions

Natus Vincere have won the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021!
The legends from the CIS region appear to back on top of their game. But how long can NaVi fend off the competition from Gambit and other young up-and-comers?

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  • The only worst part on this team is they are giving their fans a heart attack.

    Fermin J. Padernilla IIIFermin J. Padernilla IIIMånad sedan
    • @Zylad : D i think there's no rule but the na'vi actually wants a fixed lineup to be able to perform

      Fermin J. Padernilla IIIFermin J. Padernilla IIIMånad sedan
    • @Zylad : D legend says we're looking for major.

      Canon 07Canon 07Månad sedan
    • @Fermin J. Padernilla III yes flamir got benched because of some new rules that only allow for 5 man roster.

      Zylad : DZylad : DMånad sedan
    • @Zylad : D is flamie got benched?

      Fermin J. Padernilla IIIFermin J. Padernilla IIIMånad sedan
    • Haha ikr. Good news is there getting better, playing better as a team and being more consistent. This new refined navi can very well win the major.

      Zylad : DZylad : DMånad sedan
  • [...] 'that never actually won a single major'

    KatherineSyrexKatherineSyrex27 dagar sedan
  • Okay, then let the team play on Valve's vac secured casual servers then 😊👍 More fun than 5vs5 😉

    MaxeMaxe27 dagar sedan
  • Vp and gambit onliners 100% truth

    The ProThe ProMånad sedan
  • Deixa nois ganha uma Navi 😭

    EVERGR33NEVERGR33NMånad sedan
  • is this something made to keep s1mple in Navi? just wondering`

    The Carpathian HawkThe Carpathian HawkMånad sedan
  • They completely DESTROYED gambit 3-0...what a game!

    Hopi PopiHopi PopiMånad sedan
  • This new refined navi may actually achieve consistency, something they weren't able to do before. But if they do they will be top dogs for sure.

    Zylad : DZylad : DMånad sedan
  • I came here to see 5k Markeloff vs SK, what a beast

    rapsan0rapsan0Månad sedan
  • Navi + Ukrain + Champions

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ LegendaryMånad sedan
  • E saal cup namde

    BiharselonaBiharselonaMånad sedan
  • "Быть топ 1 мира, а не только снг" Гамбит: ясно

    Макс MaxМакс MaxMånad sedan
  • fix hitbox ! left peek right peek lol . netcode like kids has played !

    John BrutalesJohn BrutalesMånad sedan
  • boomage need dietitian

    δlieřδlieřMånad sedan
  • The unholy trinity of CSGO : Electronic, Boombla and S1mple .

    AntalopeAUTAntalopeAUTMånad sedan
  • Flamie

    McPolo ALA chickenMcPolo ALA chickenMånad sedan
    • yeah same here but times goes fly . his aim not good anymore not like the old days. but still #1 nuke ramp player and one of the best pistol kings

      Paul harveyPaul harveyMånad sedan
  • Kindly upload VODs instead of this garbage, kthanks

    SariondilSariondilMånad sedan
  • раз в год и палка стреляет

    Алексей СергеевичАлексей СергеевичMånad sedan
    • Если честно - этот ролик просто смахивает на лютый подсос

      Elv1s P.Elv1s P.Månad sedan
  • People don’t give navi enough credit as a team. They finished cs 1.6 as one of the most decorated teams in the world and carried that on to csgo too. Consistently survived each team’s era (fnatic, nip, luminosity, french era, Astralis etc.) as well as reached 3 major finals. They have also always picked up at least one or two big trophies each year. To put this into perspective: KennyS, a guy people continue to drool over, won just one big trophy for g2 in FIVE years. He’s only 25 years of age. If navi can win even a single major, they automatically get into the top 3 teams of all time simply because of how many other LANs they have compared to all the other major winning teams.

    Ali JoharAli JoharMånad sedan
  • Navi is unbeatable. 🔥

    Luffy.D. HarshLuffy.D. HarshMånad sedan
  • Since NAVI owns Gambit they just told them to lose. Never seen Gambit playing so lame

    PALPALMånad sedan
  • Wait did they win a Major?

    DIXIT B CDIXIT B CMånad sedan
  • CIS = Rush B don't stop!

    Canon 07Canon 07Månad sedan
    • When's the last time you watched cs?

      Murat SarsenovMurat SarsenovMånad sedan
  • Spirit needs to pop off soon, the spotlight is already moving away from them

    BotBotMånad sedan
  • Can someone tell me what happened to flamie?

    さなSanaさなSanaMånad sedan
    • @さなSana he is good. Np bruda

      BulindeR !BulindeR !Månad sedan
    • He's drinking

      Elv1s P.Elv1s P.Månad sedan
    • @BulindeR ! oh I thought he is like having some sort of problem, thanks for answering

      さなSanaさなSanaMånad sedan
    • @さなSana he is not playing well b1t way better

      BulindeR !BulindeR !Månad sedan
    • @BulindeR ! reason?

      さなSanaさなSanaMånad sedan
  • Nah, they will get last in the next tournament.

    SennahojSennahojMånad sedan
  • Thanks for russian video name

    Віталій БондарчукВіталій БондарчукMånad sedan
  • Being a NAVI fan means living dangerously.

    Mikhail BritanicoMikhail BritanicoMånad sedan
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  • *born to conquer..... :)

    Debabrata SurDebabrata SurMånad sedan
  • Finally you deserve it.. GG NAVI 💪💪🔥

    christophergoka gokachristophergoka gokaMånad sedan
  • "A Team of Champions" *has same amount of majors as me*

    Josef NejedlýJosef NejedlýMånad sedan
    • @Ali Johar This is low level tourneys and Astralis was not in mood to play. On Blast and IEM not even all top teams play. With Zeus NAVI maded about 6 tournaments in a year, every year. And Dreamhack, they almost lose to Heroic and after that they order Gambit to lose. That counts zero tourneys by me? did you see how much better SH1ro as sniper, he gets second on HLTV and then he was ordered to give some rating to looser Simple who have only two clutches won in all those games but in last match they started to play and NAVI sucked and sucked, but there was phone call from Blade to Gambit and they just gave it up...

      PALPALMånad sedan
    • @PALthey won IEM Katowice, Blast Pro Global and now Dreamhack Masters in less than two years. What the hell are you talking about?

      Ali JoharAli JoharMånad sedan
    • @Ali Johar This was Zeus doing, they don't have anything normal in two years, just leftowers when some of normal teams fails. Just look two previous matches NAVI vs gambit and see difference

      PALPALMånad sedan
    • Check how many titles they have apart from the major. One of the most decorated teams in history

      Ali JoharAli JoharMånad sedan
    • Hobbit have one, maybe that's why he usually kills 3-4 NAVI in a round. But when owner says Gambit lose on purpose

      PALPALMånad sedan
  • Русские, вы где??

    Данил РадинДанил РадинMånad sedan
  • Markeloff to simple kid to teenager❤️

  • Неплохо, ладно не хуйня

    Legen GGLegen GGMånad sedan
  • ❤️🔥❤️

    [격노] rAge[격노] rAgeMånad sedan
  • До мурашек

    Sasha FLIK4Sasha FLIK4Månad sedan
  • how many majors navi?

    burple bunnysliperburple bunnysliperMånad sedan
    • @Lucas Cleeve on train he had 19-18, but they also losed

      EX1zzzTEX1zzzTMånad sedan
    • @EX1zzzT they only beat gambit because shiro had a bad day

      Lucas CleeveLucas CleeveMånad sedan
    • @Lucas Cleeve and what Astralis can do with their 4 majors now? Nothing? Lose G2, who lose Gambit, who lose Na'Vi

      EX1zzzTEX1zzzTMånad sedan
    • @burple bunnysliper nothing

      Lucas CleeveLucas CleeveMånad sedan
    • What you do with final

      burple bunnysliperburple bunnysliperMånad sedan
  • gambit are hackers 1000%, nafany blatant waller

    Manish KumarManish KumarMånad sedan
  • 1 hour squad

    Magdiel SipaMagdiel SipaMånad sedan
  • This current NaVi roster has a very very real chance of winning the next major. I really hope B1ade and Boombl4 can figure out the solution to their consistency issues, because if they do, we could very possibly see an era of NaVi dominance, especially now that the big teams like astralis and vitality have dropped off. Also S1mple really deserves a major

    Kay RKay RMånad sedan
    • @Mayank Rai coughs* device ;)))

      7dank7dankMånad sedan
    • NiP has a good chance too. They made it to ESL pro league semis and now they have Dev1ce

      Mayank RaiMayank RaiMånad sedan
    • I think gambit or complexity or Navi can win

      FrostyFrostyMånad sedan
    • Just 1 man just one single major i didnt know its that difficult..

      FıßþęĮññìţFıßþęĮññìţMånad sedan
  • Navi- introduce new player ~ win tournament

    BerZerk SharmaBerZerk SharmaMånad sedan
    • win tournament is still a rookie , b1t is better

      CharafCharafMånad sedan
    • @The Seven'S (Sevensta) yep and he’s won both the tournaments he’s competed in so his point still stands 😂

      Ali JoharAli JoharMånad sedan
    • Win Major?!

      Elv1s P.Elv1s P.Månad sedan
    • Bit has been there in a couple of months lol

      The Seven'S (Sevensta)The Seven'S (Sevensta)Månad sedan
  • Один турнир выиграли и уже все супер чемпионы

    ПротуберанецПротуберанецMånad sedan
    • Астралис выиграли 4 мажора и кто команда чемпионов

      ПротуберанецПротуберанецMånad sedan
    • Бласт на миллион кто зимой выиграл?

      VictorVictorMånad sedan
  • god i fu**ing hate this team ^^

    Darth JuggerDarth JuggerMånad sedan
  • Goat s1mple

    rohanrohanMånad sedan
  • Navi a team of legend but it has a curse they haven't won major yet

    Shdh SdhdhShdh SdhdhMånad sedan
  • Remember team na'vi in dota 2 had 3 straight grand finalists at TI

    Fermin J. Padernilla IIIFermin J. Padernilla IIIMånad sedan
    • Now theyre trash

      Muhamad RizkyMuhamad RizkyMånad sedan
  • In this era if u top cis, u top in world

    sauravsauravMånad sedan
    • Damn it's true!

      Black StarBlack StarMånad sedan
    • Hahaha true

      E.KE.KMånad sedan
  • Godlike !

    ItsNikiItsNikiMånad sedan
  • Gods

    Женя 2Женя 2Månad sedan
  • Очень круто что завезли русские субтитры и комментарии хаоса на русском)))

    MatrixMatrixMånad sedan
  • Navi 👑

    Tristan MontengroTristan MontengroMånad sedan
  • Navi 👑

    Tristan MontengroTristan MontengroMånad sedan
  • b0t+s0mple.

    Filip PriečinskýFilip PriečinskýMånad sedan
    • Ur mad

      Just RadJust RadMånad sedan
  • A Team of Champions AND Flamie

    F_D_L_RF_D_L_RMånad sedan
  • s1mple goat

    xDil GatesxDil GatesMånad sedan
  • Being navi's fan is more dangerous than smoking and drinking 🙂🙃

    Harsh ParmarHarsh ParmarMånad sedan
    • I think faze is even worse haha they can win 9-1 and still lose 16-9 in the end bc they throw a 1v3 and get broken because of that

      DommeDommeMånad sedan
    • @Max But Navi have S1mple, That's why people have high expectations I guess

      mhdixmhdixMånad sedan
    • @Takashi-កាសុី it’s being every fan in online era, every team has had their share of ups and downs xd

      MaxMaxMånad sedan
    • That's being a Team Liquid fan

      Takashi-កាសុីTakashi-កាសុីMånad sedan
    • It's worth it just to see s1mple so happy when he wins, he deserves it so much and you can see how passionate he is about winning.

      itzgeezitzgeezMånad sedan

    HaiZero UltrAHaiZero UltrAMånad sedan
  • It is legends

    HaiZero UltrAHaiZero UltrAMånad sedan
    • No, this is hero

      _SKARLET __SKARLET _Månad sedan
    • Legends ? Haha

      omgnoname69omgnoname69Månad sedan

    BeAstAgent BAABeAstAgent BAAMånad sedan
  • Not Champions.. majors - 0

    Nuno AlbuquerqueNuno AlbuquerqueMånad sedan
    • @RAHUL KIRORIWAL majors 0 its the true idiot

      Nuno AlbuquerqueNuno AlbuquerqueMånad sedan
    • idiot there are other tournaments too ,

    • @Nuno Albuquerque I know bro. I was laughing at NAVI not at you.

      Sriyans KumarSriyans KumarMånad sedan
    • @Sriyans Kumar its the true...

      Nuno AlbuquerqueNuno AlbuquerqueMånad sedan
    • Lol

      Sriyans KumarSriyans KumarMånad sedan
  • Наконец то спокойствие

    Rein DamirRein DamirMånad sedan
  • Firts from Argentine ? :P :D BYE BYE GO NAVI.

    Ezequiel HernandezEzequiel HernandezMånad sedan
  • Рождённые Побеждать!

    Jey SayJey SayMånad sedan
  • GODS ❤️🔥

    Game PlaysGame PlaysMånad sedan

    BACNandEGGSBACNandEGGSMånad sedan
  • oo

    Manthan SiwachManthan SiwachMånad sedan
  • GOD= S1mple❤️

    GA1ATIC opGA1ATIC opMånad sedan
  • absolute banger

    LiquefaxionLiquefaxionMånad sedan
  • s1mple good player s1mple fans dogshit

    AzurieAzurieMånad sedan
  • That thumbnail is I think when guardian cries winning the tournament

    Dynamo MagicalDynamo MagicalMånad sedan
  • Мой лайк первый. Na'Vi - top!

    ILO 1518ILO 1518Månad sedan
  • Легенды....

    dangerdangerMånad sedan

    meme is my lifememe is my lifeMånad sedan
  • a wonderful team

    runa Haruna HaMånad sedan
  • Go navi

    sTaTb0XsTaTb0XMånad sedan
  • poggers, can the person who manages esl's yt answer? i want that cookie again...

    Zenklas YTZenklas YTMånad sedan
  • First babyyy❤️ and its the best navi❤️

    GA1ATIC opGA1ATIC opMånad sedan
    • not

      Zenklas YTZenklas YTMånad sedan
  • 1st😎

    Shubham JaiswarShubham JaiswarMånad sedan
    • not

      Zenklas YTZenklas YTMånad sedan
  • Yeah

    Clementine?Clementine?Månad sedan
  • Я первый

    Fgff ffkfjfucFgff ffkfjfucMånad sedan
  • First

    Mehmood KhanMehmood KhanMånad sedan
    • not

      Zenklas YTZenklas YTMånad sedan
  • LoL

    BeKeNDBeKeNDMånad sedan
  • Ok

    NikolayNikolayMånad sedan
  • Yes they are🔥

    W Nanao T NganbaW Nanao T NganbaMånad sedan