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  • Make a graffiti for this guy! 🙌

    ian petterssonian pettersson2 månader sedan
    • lol no

      michael paul palmamichael paul palma12 dagar sedan
    • I would put it on stair

      FaintFaint24 dagar sedan
    • +1

      benjamin petersonbenjamin petersonMånad sedan
    • Lol I'm 69th reply

      Saucy YikersSaucy YikersMånad sedan
    • @nawixss Day that to dev1ce

      i NFTEWi NFTEWMånad sedan
  • When talent, nerve, luck and composure all hit you at the same time

  • cracked

    sungit 2gsungit 2g2 dagar sedan

    abdullah kamranabdullah kamran6 dagar sedan
  • If you feel useless, remember, that Heroic win from a P250 no kevlar, killing 4 people full buy

    hEZENS-hEZENS-9 dagar sedan
  • All gamers pray that in their lifetime, they can have a moment like this.

    Lisle BrathwaiteLisle Brathwaite9 dagar sedan
  • kinda trash tbh

    Anthony PhamAnthony Pham17 dagar sedan
  • ok - that was the best reaction video of 2021

    buddhapestbuddhapest20 dagar sedan
  • With the good casters, this clutch already 1000 times better already

    IceCreamyIceCreamy25 dagar sedan

    karakaraMånad sedan
  • Can't.... stop......watching...

    Dhananjay MisraDhananjay MisraMånad sedan
  • "You can´t win Proleague like this".... Cadian "hold my beer"

    Billy the KidBilly the KidMånad sedan

    JammerockerJammerockerMånad sedan
  • wsl counteres tike

    Mika SelzerMika SelzerMånad sedan
  • Imagine Gambit after being clutched like that.

    MisttaMisttaMånad sedan
  • "take your time son, you're about to make the play of your career" - this was the greatest casting in a clutch I've ever heard

    bslapshotbslapshotMånad sedan
  • The way the caster gets more intense: "cadian you can't win ^ PrO LeAguE LiKe tHiS YoU ^ CANT WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS!!!"

    Chuck McKenzieChuck McKenzieMånad sedan
  • still got rekt by gambit 2 times in a row so whats a point?

    Marquis De sadeMarquis De sadeMånad sedan
  • 🥲.....

    pitufolokopitufolokoMånad sedan
  • UwU

    Lambo1106Lambo1106Månad sedan
  • guys, I haven't played CS after 1.6, so I have a question. Why does he see them through walls ? :D Thank you

    Искрен ТодоровИскрен ТодоровMånad sedan
    • @SpookyAbolishment Ooookay then. Thank you

      Искрен ТодоровИскрен ТодоровMånad sedan
    • He doesn't. In an interview he said the team mate confirmed him hitting him (if you get hit it makes a flesh ripped off sound like a strafing bullet). The X-RAY is observer only.

      SpookyAbolishmentSpookyAbolishmentMånad sedan
  • Gambit: We're the best,#1 performing team in the world. Cadian after all he's been through: "Today was meant to be the display of your power, instead I give you a glimpse of the devastation what my team can unleash upon yours"

    Wild LoneWolfWild LoneWolfMånad sedan
  • 0:58 damn. well that was somethin🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Seiya KaineSeiya KaineMånad sedan
  • I come back to this video so often

    TZTZMånad sedan
  • Who were the commentators?

    Hugo AlmeidaHugo AlmeidaMånad sedan
  • imagine if this was on lan....30,000+ people in the stadium...oh my god

    faze jeepfaze jeepMånad sedan
  • The only thing this clip is missing.... is the crowd!

    Chris RamazaniChris RamazaniMånad sedan
  • " I'm starting to get NNEerrRRVoUS.."

    ziyad hunter03ziyad hunter03Månad sedan
  • how does he see the outline of the enemies like that or is that just for the spectators that can see the outlines???

  • what the fuck was nafany doing?

    saintsaintMånad sedan
  • 1:02 look at the all others focus on cadians plays :D

    JimmyJimmyMånad sedan
  • Did anyone realised that there were 4 Gambit players watching ramp? They didn't even considered a player might come from B even though they saw him underground earlier.

    ManuManuMånad sedan
  • I can't balieeeeeeeeve it

    frostfrostMånad sedan
  • thought for a second we'd see the first de_fenestration celebration!

    UsadaislegitUsadaislegitMånad sedan

    BeTheBradyyyBeTheBradyyyMånad sedan
  • This must be one of the most iconic moments in the counter strike history. If Valve don't make a graffiti for this, Valve is disrespecting the game and all CSers.

    SunggariSunggariMånad sedan
  • I wanna kill myself i watched every single match exept this one 🥲

    AkumaLeviAkumaLeviMånad sedan
  • 1:22 "The wall" even csgo knew what a clutch it was

    SnehasishSnehasishMånad sedan
  • I’m not a gamer can someone explain what the hell is going on and why a clutch 1v4 is so significant

    rel_the_barberrel_the_barberMånad sedan
  • What are the crosshair and viewmodel codes used by esl?

    melq0rmelq0rMånad sedan
  • best clutch with Chad commentary (punintended)

    Prasetyo DPrasetyo DMånad sedan
  • historical moment

    trashtrashMånad sedan
  • Valve, please make a graffiti for this Please !!!

    Kuya KlyneKuya Klyne2 månader sedan
  • OP cadian

    Absurd 72Absurd 722 månader sedan
  • Cadian and Goliath

    KyboKybo2 månader sedan
  • 0:56 Cadian hugging his teammates happily 0:58 women trying to hug him(to be in the footage) but failing *Her mind:they ask you how you are feeling and you say that you're fine when you're not really fine

    EE2 månader sedan
  • Best thing about this clip (apart from one of the best clutches ever) is that new additions to Heroic squad jump right away to celebrate, LOVE IT and love the passion

    PchamTaczkePchamTaczke2 månader sedan
  • Graffiti

    Name NameeName Namee2 månader sedan
  • У Аксиля был молотов, он мог сказать Наф-нафу, чтобы тот не пикал и закинуть Канадиану молотов

    Равиль ШундуковРавиль Шундуков2 månader sedan
  • That girl was pinned down to the ground 😂☠️🤦🤷

    J. CoJ. Co2 månader sedan
  • I was there Pog.

    EmanuelEmanuel2 månader sedan
  • Just lucky clutch, nothing special.

    HeriHeri2 månader sedan
  • I love how everybody in the Heroic camp loses their shits and throw their headsets at the monitor :D

    Paul BerrischPaul Berrisch2 månader sedan
  • Those headphones are annoying when you have moment to celebrate like this.

    Ajay GalagaliAjay Galagali2 månader sedan
  • Loooool ez

    EfimEfim2 månader sedan
  • make grafiti for yeeted grill also

    pada padapada pada2 månader sedan
  • Take your time son you're about to make the play of your career

    Shubham PandeyShubham Pandey2 månader sedan
  • GUYS HELP, WHAT a CASTER NAME?? WHO SAID "TAKE A TIME SON"...PLS I wanna know that iconic caster's name

    Косточка в арбузеКосточка в арбузе2 månader sedan
  • he can´t win pro league like this

    Árvore JoanaÁrvore Joana2 månader sedan
  • The only thing to make this better was in a love venue. We all know this would have been the most insane thing ever.

    Sudo WoodoSudo Woodo2 månader sedan
  • This is going for the history books.

    霊園キス霊園キス2 månader sedan
  • Not only one of the best plays, but one of the best caster reactions imo

    John CenaJohn Cena2 månader sedan
  • if you were a major, you would have a karambit with 4 skulls on top.

    Pablo SantzPablo Santz2 månader sedan
  • U CANT WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harsha PaiHarsha Pai2 månader sedan
  • dobry gracz :D

    BiteRBiteR2 månader sedan
  • I can't believe that happened

    Erazem BurgerErazem Burger2 månader sedan
  • You need to have HUUGE BALLS to knife somebody in 1v4 situation on so open area as stairs are. + its matchpoint of the GrandFinals? WOW! Hat down Cadian. And this team reaction?

    Skill-UP DimensionSkill-UP Dimension2 månader sedan
    • @Gunter Miao not sure if anzbody has time to think during 1v4 clutch about make as much money for next round as possible, but if, then Cadian is Huuuge brain player :D Still well played by him!

      Skill-UP DimensionSkill-UP Dimension2 månader sedan
    • No he did it bc they were on a eco round and he wanted to farm money for the next round

      Gunter MiaoGunter Miao2 månader sedan
  • for people who dont play this game and have no clue why its followed by this reaction , it was the closest thing to a fucking MIRACLE

    Kakha TchediaKakha Tchedia2 månader sedan

    БогиняБогиня2 månader sedan
  • Caramba😱

    Thalyandra AndradeThalyandra Andrade2 månader sedan
  • I'm a fan of Gambit, but in that night Cadian was on fire 🔥 . Again my congrats to Heroic ✊

    Al MAl M2 månader sedan
  • This is normal me against meium bot xddd

    timothy autimatictimothy autimatic2 månader sedan
  • A moment in History

    DipankDipank2 månader sedan
  • 0:57 The girl

    Ajay sonawaneAjay sonawane2 månader sedan
  • Top

    UYCUYC2 månader sedan
  • insane!

    Ros1kkRos1kk2 månader sedan
  • insane

    i'm your new godi'm your new god2 månader sedan
  • graffiti time

    NLB4NLB42 månader sedan
  • I saw this a thousand times, still gives me Goosebumps: The clutch n Machine's commentary 🙌

    Manish TakManish Tak2 månader sedan
  • A 2 de HP

    Call Me DESaSTERCall Me DESaSTER2 månader sedan

    ACEACE2 månader sedan
  • At this point i am just waiting for return of Chad SPUNJ Burchill and witness how he rekts everybody.

    maXXmaXX2 månader sedan
  • YOU CAN'T WIN THE ESL PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS CADIAN!!! Vemos que não é só o Gaules que zika

    Vitor PaniniVitor Panini2 månader sedan
  • "Take your time son, you're about to make the play of you career" God tier casting

    Facu AsdasdFacu Asdasd2 månader sedan
  • "Take your time son, you're about to get the highlight of your career"

    Jack BootJack Boot2 månader sedan
  • OMG thank god I watched it live. That was unreal. ⚡⚡

    tr1xztr1xz2 månader sedan
  • insane

    gabriel blancogabriel blanco2 månader sedan
  • And now that spot (Stairs) is called cadiaN

    Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]Nine Tailed Fox Lieutenant [Redacted]2 månader sedan
  • I still see that poor girl tryna fit in lmao

    Basil WinloveBasil Winlove2 månader sedan
  • EZ way to commemorate this A Knife-Skull-Wallbang-Skull poster on the Stairs Door. (I know, graffitis are for Majors, but this needs to be immortalized on Mirage)

    Jeff GumawidJeff Gumawid2 månader sedan
  • Breaking news: The round will be replayed - the rules REALLY say "You can't win like this". It was put in there after s1mple did s1mple too much...

    Def WishFXDef WishFX2 månader sedan
  • Graffiti

    ad.ead.e2 månader sedan
  • I got chills man.. no armor p250 2hp knife kill, wallbang, bom in mid A, 1v4. What a play

    Ario RWArio RW2 månader sedan
  • This is goin down in history

    LilriceLilrice2 månader sedan
  • ._. no understand

    GNKh2 flxGNKh2 flx2 månader sedan
  • Cadian you can’t win pro league like this

    JUMPBUGJUMPBUG2 månader sedan
  • idk, it was allright.

    LungtoLungto2 månader sedan
    • It was allright play. Just happened to be match point round.

      LungtoLungto2 månader sedan
    • allright? was fucking insane you idiot, was a grand final

      Christopher MoltisantiChristopher Moltisanti2 månader sedan
  • We want to see the full coms

    Frederick SacramentoFrederick Sacramento2 månader sedan
  • Wow just wow he become 100 lvl boss.

    Frederick SacramentoFrederick Sacramento2 månader sedan
  • Most amazing words are not on this video. At the beginning of the round CadiaN throw decoy do palace, and caster said "decoy can win this round". That's why enemy plauers was sure, he's in palace.

    Kitsune001KeiKitsune001Kei2 månader sedan