Legendary Astralis' dev1ce - CSGO frag movie

In a move nobody expected, dev1ce recently left Astralis line-up to join the Ninjas in Pyjamas.
Enjoy the best moments of the legendary AWP player in this frag movie!

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  • i miss the SK, FaZe Clan, Liquid, Astralis era in Lan, that was soo good

    DAVIz1ns 777DAVIz1ns 777Dag sedan
  • *The Greatest Of All Time!!* 😎❤

    J3RRY; #iwftHJ3RRY; #iwftH9 dagar sedan
  • Finally if someone wants all three songs here the name Breaking the chains Samuel john "Bring it" and "no stopping us" william Cornish

    %Big Z%%Big Z%11 dagar sedan
  • Song names anyone?

    %Big Z%%Big Z%11 dagar sedan

    MemmoManMemmoMan14 dagar sedan
  • 2nd song name

    %Big Z%%Big Z%18 dagar sedan
    • @%Big Z% my pleasure

      Mohit AryanMohit Aryan15 dagar sedan
    • bro bring it what? cant find song

      %Big Z%%Big Z%15 dagar sedan
    • @Mohit Aryan dont know bruh but thanks for song name

      %Big Z%%Big Z%15 dagar sedan
    • "Bring it"..... Can you please tell me the first song name???

      Mohit AryanMohit Aryan16 dagar sedan
  • that happend before he played on 40% loss

    dawidoO 3O5dawidoO 3O5Månad sedan
  • hes the legend that legends hate to play against

    Ijie TolentinoIjie TolentinoMånad sedan
  • what is the song that starts at 1:40?

    hudghudgMånad sedan
  • Whoever made this video is a LEGEND. AWESOME WORK.

    Mohammad Hoseini RadMohammad Hoseini RadMånad sedan
    • 🙏 Thanks!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • That sync with the bullets to the beat was nutty, good song choice

    ag0nyCSGOag0nyCSGOMånad sedan
    • Thank you! 🙏

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • He is a god in this game.

    Cherry CakeCherry CakeMånad sedan
  • Dev1ce will always be in our hearts

    Kalle SørensenKalle SørensenMånad sedan
  • One word for the video editor ::Genius

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANMånad sedan
    • 🤓

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • That usp sync at 01:35 ❤️😍👌

    Immortal INDIANImmortal INDIANMånad sedan
  • 0:58 hitting both shots is insane tho

    RuiRuiMånad sedan
  • Just found a new favorite video

    Christian munkChristian munkMånad sedan
  • That was amazing.

    kaptein korkkaptein korkMånad sedan
  • Anyone know the name of the song they used that starts at 1:43

    Golden Vetex TVGolden Vetex TVMånad sedan
  • GOAT

    TRCTRCMånad sedan
  • Pay the editor again for this masterpiece

    Gal AnonimGal AnonimMånad sedan
    • 😁

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Man this editing was insane. Definatly one, if not the best I have ever seen. Really good job!

    Frank LauerFrank LauerMånad sedan
    • Thank you ❤️

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Well done

    beats 4 dinnerbeats 4 dinnerMånad sedan
  • Ppl act like he died lol he just swap team

    LondonLondonMånad sedan
  • his consistency among top tier teams is god-like truly TL's bane

  • god

    Damek 77Damek 77Månad sedan
  • hes a monster!!!

    dragoner243dragoner243Månad sedan
  • when pro's play like gold nova's im fucking dying lmfao

    the time traveling duelistthe time traveling duelistMånad sedan
  • last song?

    railguncsrailguncsMånad sedan
  • holy props to the editor damn!

    Papa LouisPapa LouisMånad sedan
    • ❤️

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • That was epic

  • I used to love snax in the old VP days but watching Dev1ce grow into the greatest player in csgo was so amazing, congrats to him and goodluck on NiP. Outstanding frag movie ESL!

    sno86sno86Månad sedan
  • 1:34 AMAZING EDIT!!!

    Jeff PhamJeff PhamMånad sedan
  • The GOAT and my fav player

    NoahNoahMånad sedan
  • Лайк за монтаж)

    Ник ОсокинНик ОсокинMånad sedan
  • How does he make it look so easy One of the GOATs

    Jimmy SolankiJimmy SolankiMånad sedan
  • 1:41 Please tell me, what is the name of the music?

    Heuion TMHeuion TMMånad sedan
    • I wanna know too

      Samuel BsSamuel BsMånad sedan
  • Wow

    Shahmeer malikShahmeer malikMånad sedan
  • siiick!

    VoyeurVoyeurMånad sedan
  • best cs editing to date

    Nicolai AnnebergNicolai AnnebergMånad sedan
  • u should hire virre to make cs go videos.. this already awesome but virre video on the next level of cs movie

    Jimmy KristantoJimmy KristantoMånad sedan
  • So speechless with editor of this video. 1:33 so crisp!

    Kierren Noel OribelloKierren Noel OribelloMånad sedan
    • @Kierren Noel Oribello Thank you!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
    • @Anton 'Molen' Koev your work is really great bro!

      Kierren Noel OribelloKierren Noel OribelloMånad sedan
    • Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • These aren't even old ass clips. The man is a highlight machine

    Giorgio HuweGiorgio HuweMånad sedan
  • The one deags, the awp flicks, the collaterals, the Aces. Mans done it all

    Aditya TejaAditya TejaMånad sedan
  • Absolute sick video editing for an absolutely amazing player!!

    YazbusterYazbusterMånad sedan
  • How do I turn off the character highlight in the demo?

    SHADOWSHADOWMånad sedan
    • Not sure, but you could try seaching something like, "toggle x-ray csgo demo'

      Erik B.KErik B.KMånad sedan

    I AM N3OI AM N3OMånad sedan
  • We need more crowd and players reactions :D 3:23 was insane haha

    DARZYDARZYMånad sedan
  • Great editing

    Manmohan KrishnaManmohan KrishnaMånad sedan
  • Minu arust on device üsna eepiline mängur!

    KOFFEXKOFFEXMånad sedan
  • perfect player

    t3ngristt3ngristMånad sedan
  • What song is that AT 3:20

    WojtekFigurniakWojtekFigurniakMånad sedan
  • 4:20 BurnAce 😍🔥

    Udith IsuruUdith IsuruMånad sedan
  • If just we could know who made the video. Love that person very much

    AnythinGAnythinGMånad sedan
    • Hi!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • hands down ..this is the best cs go video editing of all time..whoever did this ..please tell him to make it more

    Things i Dont likeThings i Dont likeMånad sedan
    • Hey! :D

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • This Times After ! Repeats Of History ! Time To Fix To History ! Again ! Back To 2018 !

    C.A. oldC.A. oldMånad sedan
  • Molen, the editing on that Inferno ace was so fucking good. Loved it. Awesome job as usual.

    Hauns91Hauns91Månad sedan
    • Thank you! I appreciate it a lot ♥

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • What a monster

    Nihal K prakashNihal K prakashMånad sedan
  • That editing was insanely good. Reminded me just enough of MW2 montages lol

    alex dsalex dsMånad sedan
    • Thank you!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Why is dev1ce leaving Astralis though?

    Infern1xInfern1xMånad sedan
  • 3:18 it felt like my heart would burst....

    Mohit AryanMohit AryanMånad sedan
  • The GOAT ❤️

    Sudhanshu Om PandeySudhanshu Om PandeyMånad sedan
  • give this man a graffiti, please

    Pratyush SaxenaPratyush SaxenaMånad sedan
  • keep feeding me

    Pratyush SaxenaPratyush SaxenaMånad sedan
  • I can't handle the adrenaline

    Pratyush SaxenaPratyush SaxenaMånad sedan
  • 🤩

    Keamen JonesKeamen JonesMånad sedan
  • Songs Used : "No Stopping Us" and "Bring It" by Stephen William Cornish. Don't know the first song. These are the last two songs in the video.

    Gokul SudhirGokul SudhirMånad sedan
  • legend

    asafasafMånad sedan
  • imagine norwack edit the video for dev1ce so gooodd bruhhh

    NorwickNorwickMånad sedan
  • What is the song??

    duki dulamduki dulamMånad sedan
  • know who I feel weirdly bad for? Liquid. there has almost never been a more one-sided rivalry in csgo history and now TL can never know the pleasure of actually beating the astralis core. still though, I wish the best of luck to nip, liquid and astralis in the coming future - I just want some good-ass CS.

    Deserve NothingDeserve NothingMånad sedan
  • Hacker noob

    A4kataA4kataMånad sedan
  • Please stop hacking

    MelavionsMelavionsMånad sedan
  • He absolutely deserves a graffiti for that AWP play on Dust 2. I have a name for it: "Playing with Fire"

    Ajinkya BhushanAjinkya BhushanMånad sedan
  • Whoever edited this is insane

    iPenguin42iPenguin42Månad sedan
    • Thanks

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Wow!

    Dane AnthonyDane AnthonyMånad sedan
  • his best awper in history of csgo

    rabbitRunnrabbitRunnMånad sedan
  • Can we just appreciate 1:35, the edit is spot on!

    Andreas WürtzAndreas WürtzMånad sedan
    • Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Hats off to the creator of this video.i still am having goosebumps.. Anton 'Molen' Koev i suppost u synced and mastered it.u're a legend bro.lovely work.need more like this!

    Rifat KhanRifat KhanMånad sedan
    • Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • these are all against liquid and vitality LOL

    GabeGabeMånad sedan
  • Now without the calling from glaive, he can compete s1mple and zywoo to take the #1 spot

    Dimas RizalFDimas RizalFMånad sedan
  • Best Fragmovie i ve ever seen

    Jacob DJacob DMånad sedan
  • This is the best that I have seen today

    vladwixvladwixMånad sedan
  • farewell

    Maximillan Moses KawotjoMaximillan Moses KawotjoMånad sedan
  • goat

    LummyTumLummyTumMånad sedan
  • time to copy device's his settings

    TiceTiceMånad sedan
  • Well done there Molen!

    ShmtzShmtzMånad sedan
    • Thanks man!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
  • Device learned from me but i learn from myself

    1SaM1SaMMånad sedan
  • I still see dreams of dev1ce coming back and playing for Astralis❤

    MayukhMayukhMånad sedan
  • Oh ok, this gave me goosebumps. Great job!

    AstralisAstralisMånad sedan
    • Get verified lol

      Swapna PODiPIREDDISwapna PODiPIREDDIMånad sedan
    • Thank Mr. Astralis for the nice words!

      Anton 'Molen' KoevAnton 'Molen' KoevMånad sedan
    • Whoever runs this account is a legend

      Derek AlavaDerek AlavaMånad sedan
  • God damn this is well made.

    今井鈴音今井鈴音Månad sedan
  • Its like tom cruise leaving Mission Impossible franchise.

    Kay Eff ✔Kay Eff ✔Månad sedan
  • Where's his overpass deagle 4k !??

    Swapneel SahuSwapneel SahuMånad sedan
  • rip old Astralis.. makes me sad :(

    Hasret GümüşHasret GümüşMånad sedan
  • No more wins for you device... get used to be tier 2

    Eugene NumberoneovEugene NumberoneovMånad sedan
  • Интересно а девайс играет в бравл старс?

    Арсений НеделькоАрсений НеделькоMånad sedan
  • Robot

    krob yorgakrob yorgaMånad sedan
  • GL on NiP devve!

    VicariousVicariousMånad sedan
  • Anyone know the song starting from 1:50?

    mageeonlymageeonlyMånad sedan
    • Stephen William Cornish Bring it

      Антон КлещенкоАнтон КлещенкоMånad sedan
  • GOAT

    TheGreyFoxTheGreyFoxMånad sedan