How do CSGO MAPS SOUND? - Part 3

How good are the Pro player's ears?
We are back with the sound of CSGO Maps! Can they find out where they are?

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  • Cadian clutched 1v4 against gambit with the help of the first sound..(tetris)

    Sarbesh PSarbesh P23 dagar sedan
  • No one Dupreeh: Overpass

    DisguiseXDisguiseXMånad sedan
  • I miss Devve

    Neil HombalkarNeil HombalkarMånad sedan
  • fallen: ivy train 100% confirmed

    fake aryanfake aryanMånad sedan
  • That must be so painfull for the poor dude at valve who designed all these sounds for hours and noone relay recognizes them

    GrätenbrecherGrätenbrecherMånad sedan
  • that's not r chicken, that's r bird 4x major winner Okay

    Mister 7172Mister 7172Månad sedan
  • Ofc they wouldn't know about the sound on Mirage, standing there is basically death.

    Terminus EstTerminus EstMånad sedan
  • WW

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmyMånad sedan
  • Nadeking would definitely win this!

    Nilay LilawalaNilay LilawalaMånad sedan
  • If you use "tothemoon" on CSGORoll right now they'll give you free cases because of the stock market memes it's sick af

    Michael KirchnerMichael KirchnerMånad sedan
  • super funny and good content

    Jaden JadenJaden JadenMånad sedan
  • The "train passing" is the pipelines.

    Mr. Avocado ManMr. Avocado ManMånad sedan
  • Naf and stew just seem stoned asf

    Yigzy .-Yigzy .-Månad sedan
  • any naffers?

    Xe0mXe0mMånad sedan
  • Swear this is fake

    rain artzrain artzMånad sedan
  • the heroic guys are so funny

    TheGrand PlayTheGrand PlayMånad sedan
  • This was amazing i love how they all talk like friends instead of teammates

    Jared chaconJared chaconMånad sedan
    • This comment is Rеаly stupid

      SovietCowSovietCowMånad sedan
  • teses is always laughing lmaoo

    Gustavo SilvaGustavo SilvaMånad sedan
    • yeah cause it was funny how bad they were XD

      TheGrand PlayTheGrand PlayMånad sedan
  • Ngtl, much better than blast on their guess that sound

    Matthew TMatthew TMånad sedan
    • Lol? Definitley not.

      KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Månad sedan
    • Hahaha yeah true

      Milo “RyZe” Mingolla KielgastMilo “RyZe” Mingolla KielgastMånad sedan
  • Get back dev1ce to astralis

    Just TimJust TimMånad sedan
  • For those wondering like me, the buzzing sound on Mirage is only noticeably audible if your volume is high. I can't comfortably have my sound at a level where I can hear that and not go deaf

    hi im pathi im patMånad sedan
  • Next episode: What do CSgO maps smell like?

    CraigCraigMånad sedan
  • Are there chickens on other maps💀

    Karma Killed MeKarma Killed MeMånad sedan
  • Yes More part 4

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Månad sedan
  • magisk is not vibing i guess 🤷😔

    beeyoobeeyooMånad sedan
  • Astralis without Device and now with bubzkji will nerver be the same i cry

    FanatikFanatikMånad sedan
  • Imagine they sitting there while Device left Astralis

    FanatikFanatikMånad sedan
  • Every time Stewie says "train" I hear "serene"

    CragscleftCragscleftMånad sedan
  • Maybe this is just me, but I often meditate while listening to the ambience of some maps on CS:GO 🙂 Kinda relaxing actually, especially Inferno and Anubis

    Muhammad Habib Al FarabiMuhammad Habib Al FarabiMånad sedan
    • Guitar on tspawn inferno is my cup of tea. Occasionally I go back to listen to it on my phone just to relax

      Kristian LokenKristian LokenMånad sedan
  • Hear to cool myself after dev1ce left Astralis

    Dev PatelDev PatelMånad sedan
    • here***

      ESRBESRBMånad sedan
    • Cool to hear

      Tomáš VysloužilTomáš VysloužilMånad sedan
    • i love this

      Soap JsSoap JsMånad sedan
    • Same❤️

      Milo “RyZe” Mingolla KielgastMilo “RyZe” Mingolla KielgastMånad sedan
    • ❤️❤️

      Jared chaconJared chaconMånad sedan
  • Any noise Stewie: it's train

    Luke HodsonLuke HodsonMånad sedan
  • Magisk looks so depressed the whole video, probably because device left the team :(

    Justin LeblancJustin LeblancMånad sedan
    • @Electr i mean they probably knew several weeks before he left, so maybe

      Matthew KimMatthew KimMånad sedan
    • actually no look behind them EPL thing banter idk which means this was probably recorded at the start of April or at some time during March

      ElectrElectrMånad sedan
  • 🦥 ANY 🦥 NAFFERS 🦥

    Albert DamgaardAlbert DamgaardMånad sedan
  • There's guitars playing in inferno tspawn.

    Kennechi SyKennechi SyMånad sedan
    • Действительно, почему то они Dust поставили.

      Mark NMark NMånad sedan
  • The liquid bois look depressed

    Anirvinya RAnirvinya RMånad sedan
  • @4:26 *very clear audio of a chicken* Dupreeh: “That’s not a chicken that’s a bird chirping” Their chickens must sound different over there lol

    Ryan BerryRyan BerryMånad sedan
    • @[GOD] Assassin more than likely yea you’re right, I just loved the timing it cracked me up

      Ryan BerryRyan BerryMånad sedan
    • I think he was talking about the sound right after the *cluck*

      [GOD] Assassin[GOD] AssassinMånad sedan
  • I think s1mple can tell you the map names

    Pradeep kumarPradeep kumarMånad sedan
  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    max no mistakesmax no mistakesMånad sedan
  • Everyone: trying to focus on the sound Cadian and Teses: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    eclipseeclipseMånad sedan
  • These and the map looks videos are awesome

    Jonas JensenJonas JensenMånad sedan
  • I love these

    Jonas JensenJonas JensenMånad sedan
  • Ставьте дахуя лайка что бы иностранцы думали что я что-то гениальное написалXD

    • @DAISMAN OFF english.

      dsn2k7dsn2k7Månad sedan
    • @ocelot Сгл инглиш

    • english.

      ocelotocelotMånad sedan
  • The first one gave me 2014 nostalgia

  • 2.02 dupreeh.. Thats a meme right there..

    SuNnY_aLLinOneSuNnY_aLLinOneMånad sedan
    • 2:03

      SameerSameerMånad sedan
  • Нормальный видосик, лайк

    Nekit&Vlad BroNekit&Vlad BroMånad sedan
  • Devveking whatup

    kRypt1CckRypt1CcMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Jakob Foldberg AndersenJakob Foldberg AndersenMånad sedan
  • Helou

    Jakub EviexJakub EviexMånad sedan
    • @chair you very sus

      POGPOGMånad sedan
    • sus among us

      chairchairMånad sedan