Shocked - Zonic and Danish Pros react to dev1ce leaving Astralis

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  • zonic has no right to mad....dont be a child lol

    TimboStyle_CNWYTimboStyle_CNWYMånad sedan
  • *Rumour or reality??? He left Astralis for his Girlfriend...* 🤗🤗🤭💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💕💕💕

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
    • @Tigerish What if gf left device for someone else??? I live in a city for studies that is 400km away from my hometown, it's been 6 months I've not been to my Hometown. He used to live in a place that was 650km away from his girlfriend's place. It doesn't mean I'm gonna leave the city for my family, and it is weird that he left *ASTRALIS* 😯😯(unstoppable team) for his gf(it could have been sensible if she was his wife) People leave their home, family, gf/bf for years for getting success in Life, I just couldn't believe that someone can leave all these achievements for gf(😂😂)

      PriyalPriyal24 dagar sedan
    • reality sadly, they've been living together in Stockholm for the past year and a half, and he had to travel to Copenhagen to play with Astralis for his job. Enough got to be enough, and he decided to join the team that is based out of Stockholm (NIP), so he can easily see his girlfriend and work his job.

      TigerishTigerish24 dagar sedan
  • *Thumbnail : actually device had an Ace that round and zonic touched his head, I have watched that match, people May think of it Like Zonic is angry in thumbnail* 💞😅😁🥰🤣🤗😂😅🤣💕

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Am I the only one who commented 10 times on this news?* 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 *Anyways, Device, all the very best for your future* 🤭🤗😊🥰💗💕❤️💕💯💝💯💕💞💖😁💝💯💝💞❤️💖💖

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *I'm unable to digest the Truth* 🧐

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Am I being over-sensitive?* 😊🤭😅 I'm thinking about it from last 1 hour, even my PUBG iD was named after Device with his pic, 😂😁😅🤣😂🤗🤗🥰💕💞😅🤣🤭😂💞🤣😁he's my fav AWP Camper. Anyways, your life your choices, lockdown is so boring & depressing 😥😓that I'm thinking about stuffs like this.

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Must read* *Device earned about 2 million dollar from CSGO tournaments & I read that NiP had the Highest bid of 1 million dollar for device, a contract for 3 years. Although NiP didn't ask device to join them, it was device who wanted to leave astralis*

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Oh astralis, it's hard to find an awper like device, I think astralis should ask KennyS to join astralis, maybe he won't do that because of language problem or maybe KennyS think of astralis as Rivals*

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Everyone knows Navi performed better after Guardian left them for Faze* 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣 *and I don't need to mention the performance of guardian from last few years* 😂😁💗😅🥰🤭🥰🤗😂 don't get angry on my comments because guardian is one of my fav player and also he is the only guy whose name I can write without any spelling mistakes 😂😂 it's"Ladislav Kovacs" right?? 🤭🤗See I did this, u know it's hard sometimes to write players name in their native language 😊💕💕💕❤️❤️ *The same could happen with astralis & Device*

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • I thought that SEcroners are just making some fake news. Then I read about it on internet and it was found that Device wanted to leave astralis for personal reasons, as it was becoming harder for him to maintain personal relationships because he was always 650km away from them. Oh come on man, u r not married, u don't have responsibilities equivalent to a husband or father, if that was the case then it would have sounded more sensible. And leaving astralis for NiP is Like leaving *BEST TEAM* in the world for a *PRO TEAM*

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • *Device : I'm leaving astralis for NiP* *Astralis : We gonna win next MAJOR TOURNAMENTS with better performance*

    PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
  • poor zonic man no one from astralis should have left no one why >>?/ was what they can amount to this just not even half of the year has passed and they make changes obviously that was devices choice and sadly that is life i also want nitr0 and twistzz back on liquid but that ain't happening

    Alexander IvaylovAlexander IvaylovMånad sedan
  • May not be the best talented CSGO player but he's definitely the most consistent CSGO player in CSGO history and therefore the most decorated CSGO player of all time to me. I'm a Na'Vi' fan. I respect Dev1ce and admire him a lot ngl.

    Samuel LeeSamuel LeeMånad sedan
  • Zonic obviously feels betrayed. This entire saga feels so much similar to the Kjaerbye incident.

    Rıdvan BilgiçRıdvan BilgiçMånad sedan
  • He's won pretty much everything a pro player can except for hltv top 1 but it doesn't matter to him. Might be time to make choices for his personal life as well. Give this man a break.

    SaltySpecsSaltySpecsMånad sedan
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they got rekt by G2 that match

    Xuân TùngXuân TùngMånad sedan
  • Even Device's departure can't stop me from loving Astralis ❤️. Let's just wish them best of luck.❤️❤️❤️

    Owais FayazOwais FayazMånad sedan
  • Waiting for Astralis to win the next major beating NIP😅

    Ayush ShekhawatAyush ShekhawatMånad sedan
  • the danglish is strong with this one.

    SumarSumarMånad sedan
  • I feel extremely sad for dupreeh 💔

    Bilal TunioBilal TunioMånad sedan
  • Device also forgot that he was good cus of his team. It seem like he was carrying every single round but the hard work are also well done by other mates. He will feel the lack of G spot in his nip career. I always watched astralis cus of device etc but him leaving us without a full and well known reason was a heart shocking.

    Jazzy JJazzy JMånad sedan
  • Now I am waiting for the rise of astralis part 2...

    Jazzy JJazzy JMånad sedan
  • todo por un CULO

    Hector CastroHector CastroMånad sedan
  • Time for Bub to shine👼🏻

    Daniel Troelsen !Daniel Troelsen !Månad sedan
  • An end of an Era in its truest form. An end of the double D combo... It's sad but hope both astralis, device and NIP vil shine!

    Steffen Hviid TrierSteffen Hviid TrierMånad sedan
  • He betrayed his team man

    Naman VermaNaman VermaMånad sedan
  • When your girl is Swedish...

    Dawny GamingDawny GamingMånad sedan
  • I doubt Dev1ce will fair well in NIP sadly, he is a comfort player and the current roster of NIP just don't seem to fit into that

    Mads_MiskatMads_MiskatMånad sedan
  • RIP legend, never forgoten

    MyMouseAintBrokenMyMouseAintBrokenMånad sedan
  • I didnt liked what zonic he is literally pissed right now and said we could have worked out..What? He gonna switch astralis from denmark to sweden for dev1ce? I know losing a player of device's caliber is shocking but after what device has done for astralis he shouldnt have said he is angry at him and should respect his descision...

    Shield UniversityShield UniversityMånad sedan
  • I'm not crying... you are :(

    UpfateUpfateMånad sedan
  • I was so damn bored watching the same astralia team dominating , for me after some time(even I was big fan) they made watching csgo boring to some extend. I'm super excited by the move.

    saswat senapatisaswat senapatiMånad sedan
  • Astralis can u pick kenny for Dev1ce's replace

    XceptionalXceptionalMånad sedan
  • Astralis need a star AWP-er. Why not, I cant stop laughing, get someone like es3tag?!

    MrEihtMrEihtMånad sedan
  • He just pulled a Kjærbye

    BughidelBughidelMånad sedan
  • Dev1ce wants to be number 1 player

    nayan dhabardenayan dhabardeMånad sedan
  • But Get FIFA rules, that restrict pro players to pick their own teams unless sold first by their club, and in a situation where you represent a country you will only be allowed to play for your own country in international league's ! 😉👌

    MaxeMaxeMånad sedan
  • Dont be sad Zonic, you will find some of the worlds best players on the official casual Valve servers, players. 😆

    MaxeMaxeMånad sedan
  • Imagine being angry because someone leaves when they feel like they’re in a difficult situation personally, in an industry where a player can get benched in a blink of an eye. What did zonic expect, for them to grow old together or for dev1ce to play long enough to get him replaced?

    Denis BaiguskarovDenis BaiguskarovMånad sedan
  • Its hurt than Shroud leaving Cloud9

    Faruq AbiyyiFaruq AbiyyiMånad sedan
    • I think Olof and flusha leaving Fnatic is sadder

      DivinityDivinityMånad sedan
  • Money Money Money Money, thats all.

    AgothanAgothanMånad sedan
  • Sadge

    elblanco 744elblanco 744Månad sedan
  • so sad to see this seriously.. I was supporting them since Pasha retired from Virtus Pro.. now they're teared apart.. I mean it's okay to lose a tournament/event what it is but seeing a player leaving his team is makes me feel sad personally, I wish him all the best aswell.

    Hasret GümüşHasret GümüşMånad sedan
  • Ah rip. I thought device left on metal and good terms. Seems kinda like the kjaerbye situation now 😔

    BlueBox 29BlueBox 29Månad sedan
  • Dev1ce's gf ruined his career

    김은진김은진Månad sedan
  • Astralis is over. Its NIP time.

    Andy LimAndy LimMånad sedan
  • leaving on a low is not so cool. having the balls to leave on a high that takes stone of steel

    Kasper NielsenKasper NielsenMånad sedan
  • Now...Navi should really get their shit together and dominate csgo

    Domine Rex GamingDomine Rex GamingMånad sedan
  • If u really like device u would be happy his decision, because it is his decision.

    Rick -phyrtivRick -phyrtivMånad sedan
  • Traitor?? Maybe. Time will show

    Eugene MarushkoEugene MarushkoMånad sedan
  • Zonic is so hurt

    Nirav SoniNirav SoniMånad sedan
  • Why only danish pros🥲

    Pillow JYPillow JYMånad sedan
  • No player switching had ramifications as device leaving Astralis has.. That's what Astralis is!

    Rishav PandeyRishav PandeyMånad sedan
  • I love device but Astralis is really good at repeating history hoping they win this upcoming major w bubs. like they did with magisk

    Renais “Renais”Renais “Renais”Månad sedan
  • Kjaerbye pt. 2

    DevexDevexMånad sedan
  • What is going on next moments we dont know ... ''be ready for the extraordinary'' - Gman -

    C.A. oldC.A. oldMånad sedan
  • what is going on next moments we dont know ... ''be ready for the extraordinary'' - Gman -

    C.A. oldC.A. oldMånad sedan
  • I am dying to see how NiP performs now. Their performance has been like shit and they haven't been playing a lot lately.

    tr1xztr1xzMånad sedan
  • Tears part of the whole astralis team and myself ! 🥺

    Krish ShethKrish ShethMånad sedan
  • Was I The Only One Crying????

    Yooloo GYooloo GMånad sedan
  • Other Danish players with a nice smurk on their faces lol "Could I be next in line for a nice paycheck?" "Thats prolly the best chance we have to beat this MFs...Go to hell device, go to wherever you want away from Astralis!" LMAO

    Gabriel NunesGabriel NunesMånad sedan
  • -Zonic: 'I am sad I don't get the chance to deffend another major title with him'. This is the most important one, they are still the latest major winner. There has been slim to none LAN-tournaments. I bet that on LAN these 5 would still be the best team in the world en would win another Major title. Sad that it's given up by him choosing his girlfriend over his carreer, but also very understandable.

    Jelmer van BovenJelmer van BovenMånad sedan
    • Given the his age + the relatively short amount of time he still has to do great things on the server, it's a pussy move. Not to belittle his accolades, but this isn't the time to go the comfy route and lower the bar for yourself. Which, despite his marketing blabla for the sake of his new org, he definitely has done.

      zendakkzendakkMånad sedan
  • Feels really bad man...The most well accomplished roster in the game ending with a very sketchy episode. If there's any Era in Counter Strike, thats definately Astralis' Era.

    Gabriel NunesGabriel NunesMånad sedan
  • I can understand Zonic's frustration but it's also a bit douchey. A person always has to look out for their best interests and it's not always all business. SMH.

    FishingThePNWFishingThePNWMånad sedan
  • Worst new that I heared in this period 😰😓

    Real M1douReal M1douMånad sedan
  • Its gambit era

    RaFi GamesRaFi GamesMånad sedan
  • I said it last year and I'll say it again: if es3tag had stayed with astralis and eventually replaced xyp9x, device wouldn't have left because they'd still be dominating

    tHeGam3RRRtHeGam3RRRMånad sedan
  • The sad thing is for me is that I’d have loved to see if they could do 4 in a row

    UselessUselessMånad sedan
    • @Lucas Cleeve they’ve won 4 majors but only 3 in a row

      UselessUselessMånad sedan
    • 5*

      Lucas CleeveLucas CleeveMånad sedan
  • wheres kjaerbye video when he leaves astralis?

    DeybezDeybezMånad sedan
  • Perhaps not many people new to CS know, zonic himself was a damn good player in 1.6

    Rajarshi RoyRajarshi RoyMånad sedan
  • Dupreeh just hurts.....

    Matěj Novotný (matlambo)Matěj Novotný (matlambo)Månad sedan
  • I will be cheering on gambit and col, the logo-bros of astralis.

    EnsoEnsoMånad sedan
    • Yeah gambit are the best

      RaFi GamesRaFi GamesMånad sedan
  • Feel bad for zonic but very professional about it like the frag movie from Astralis

    MunkhtulgaMunkhtulgaMånad sedan
  • What if simple leave Navi then tf everything in csgo

    King of ks Kill stealKing of ks Kill stealMånad sedan
    • It can happen

      SaikoSaikoMånad sedan
  • I mean, it's just obvious for a CSGO player to drop the bomb IRL as well...

    dodekaediusdodekaediusMånad sedan
  • It terms of convenience for device it makes sense, apart from that I cant see an upside.

    KingcuzKingcuzMånad sedan
  • The most consistent awper has gone from astralis. The organisation is bleeding hard economically and now this... let's see what happens next man

    Gayas AnsaRiGayas AnsaRiMånad sedan
    • What do u mean by bleeding economically?

      PDRPDRMånad sedan
  • Wish Astralis the best, and device the best. But I guess that he will be lost in NIP. To be good you need a good team around you and NIP is not good atm.

    Agentlife1Agentlife1Månad sedan
    • Nip is actually pretty good, if they can use dev1ce properly they can be amazing.And if it doesn t work they can bring some more good players, it s clear that they have big plans with the team.

      noxenoxeMånad sedan
  • we all know its because emilia

    jon appleseedjon appleseedMånad sedan
  • It’s over for them I think :(

    MainFrameMainFrameMånad sedan
    • Yeah dev1ce is play a very huge part of their path to success. But dont let your hopes down, I still believe they can still dominate without Dev1ce supportive style. Bubz or Dupreeh is quite promising replacement for dev1ce awper

      DivinityDivinityMånad sedan
    • Not at all. Astralis is not about individuals. We will get someone as good, and when he get team chemistry Astralis will be back stronger than ever. Althrought chances for Next Major are quite bad in the moment

      Serious OneSerious OneMånad sedan
  • I think an Astralis without Tom Cruise :'( The Best Team Of The History Of CSGO An End of a Era, An End for a Legends

    Julian Thomas.Julian Thomas.Månad sedan
  • so basically device pulled a kjaerbye

    David CooperDavid CooperMånad sedan
  • I’m getting the CR7 leaving Madrid vibes

  • Device did not do glave justice!! The way he talked about their hardwork as just being lucky :((

    saksham srivastavasaksham srivastavaMånad sedan
    • It's not the first time we see that being good at a videogame doesn't equating having social sensibility, business acumen, common sense or intelligence, for that matter.

      zendakkzendakkMånad sedan
    • yeah in that NIP video u can see that device talking about astralis like they be tier 2/3 team or something like that

      PauliusPauliusMånad sedan
  • whats the song?

    J0hanNmonsterJ0hanNmonsterMånad sedan
  • device is under the thumb

    David ClarkeDavid ClarkeMånad sedan
  • To be honest my guys, it's easy to make look device as the bad person here, but he had the hardest decision to make and decided correctly. He wants to be closer to his love, he gave everything for astralis for so many years. Let him be happy with his girlfriend and try something out new after such a long time.

    RaimaNdRaimaNdMånad sedan
    • @Some One I agree, he should've told his teammates earlier that he is thinking (and furthermore planning) to leave.

      RaimaNdRaimaNdMånad sedan
    • I don't think the problem is he left but I'm left with the feeling he really told his teammates at the last moment.. I mean it's a lot to process in 1 or 2 weeks, obviously Astralis weren't really ready for it. I respect devve's choice, just not the way he left his team. Still looking forward to see what he does with NIP and what Astralis will be able to do without him P.S. I know they'll now be opponents and it won't really be the best strategy to give them time to recover, but I meam they are his friends as far as I'm aware

      Some OneSome OneMånad sedan
  • Well, the end of the Astralis era...

    Ivan Zi Lin NgIvan Zi Lin NgMånad sedan
  • This is a demonstration of a really selfish move. Xyp, Device and Depreeh were the base foundation of Astralis and after playing through different organisations together. They built up a reputation to be the most coordinated trio in the games history. This is how they found so much success. All teams should win as a team and lose as a team. Its selfish to just leave your organisation after so many wins and major win just because you are starting to lose

    DannyDannyMånad sedan
    • @M Smithy yeah even if Device chooses to join back in the future I don't think it will feel the same as it was

      DannyDannyMånad sedan
    • The core is the chemistry. No question the most underrated "stat" of all time is chemistry. Teams with good chemistry play far above their real level.

      M SmithyM SmithyMånad sedan
  • Device dont own astralis shit. Having been their best plauer and carrying the core at times for 7+ years since CPH. Didnt leave without speaking to anyone like kjaerbye, and gave them time to readjust.

    Nappe vNappe vMånad sedan
  • Why does this now look like keajrbye situation after theese insights

    MkBor6MkBor6Månad sedan
  • Now Astralis is gonna play with rage against NiP

    Primal EquinoxPrimal EquinoxMånad sedan
    • No need to be like that, NiP was never as good as astralis

      PriyalPriyalMånad sedan
    • Denying NIP a major. 😂

      Neelam SrivastavaNeelam SrivastavaMånad sedan
    • 1k bonus for every headshot on him 🤣

      Rochendly WoutersRochendly WoutersMånad sedan
  • best of luck for your future, do well

    Doraemon112 mDoraemon112 mMånad sedan
  • it's sad for sure....

    chiphamchichiphamchiMånad sedan
  • seems like olofmeister destiny inc?

    Aldin NanicAldin NanicMånad sedan
  • I feel for Zonic and Astralis, but I also support it that Device is looking for new challenges and want to be with an org that is in Sweden as he live on Sweden.

    Darker1607Darker1607Månad sedan
  • That is one thing i dont like with esports specifically csgo. People take roster moves way to personal. Ofc its sad but as specially as a teamm8, i wonder if the thought Dev1ce might be leaving never crossed your mind, fully knowing his living Situation and the amount of stress that puts on a person.

    tear droptear dropMånad sedan
    • @noxe also they where not the best team anymore lol. If they where he wouldnt have left i assume.

      tear droptear dropMånad sedan
    • @noxe you never think he just likes Sweden more then Denmark? Or that the other Astralis players also fell off a lot in rescent times? Also wtf do vacations have to do with that?

      tear droptear dropMånad sedan
    • than stay on Denmark? you were born on Denmark, why would you live in Sweeden lol? For a woman? Dev1ce was playing for the best team of all time, so this should be a good enough reason for her to move on with him on Denmark.What is she doing so important that he can t move? The problem is everybody is kicking everybody thinking if they change one player per month they can be the best.Astralis organized vacations, a lot of things to improve the relationship between players and make them feel good and play good.They are the best for a reason, and this without kicking anybody from the roster.Even when somebody had a rough period.

      noxenoxeMånad sedan
  • Litteraly almost cried lmao. I never cried for anything

    thunderking212thunderking212Månad sedan
    • @thunderking212 aye crying is healthy man haha

      wakwakMånad sedan
    • i fr cried

      Gustav MagniGustav MagniMånad sedan
    • @thunderking212 lol I was joking. I feel ya

      Dixon MathewDixon MathewMånad sedan
    • @Dixon Mathew I never cry for anything. I’ve never cried at a movie or anything. I really liked the way that this was put together. I’m going to miss dev1ce

      thunderking212thunderking212Månad sedan
    • cry baby

      Dixon MathewDixon MathewMånad sedan
  • i almost cried :(

    F1ProdigyF1ProdigyMånad sedan
  • device was tired of toxic astralis organization and doing too much ridiculous media shit

    Astrix321Astrix321Månad sedan