Inferno Aim Map, Aztec and AWP Fun! - Window Workshoppers Episode 1

Spunj and Rushly are the Window Workshoppers!
Today they have a look at 3 custom Steam Workshop maps for CSGO.
An Inferno Aim map, a remake of de_aztec and awp_l337sk337!

de_aztec remake:
awp l337sk337:

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Animations \u0026 Graphics done by the one and only: ChloePingu

Ladda ner



  • That wallhack grenade ingame would be gamechanging

    arry loniewskiarry loniewski10 dagar sedan
  • good vid

    gs vmgs vm12 dagar sedan
  • Is this the first episode? You got the best hosts and a very nice format, awesome!

    BabeetlebumBabeetlebum12 dagar sedan
    • Inferno Aim Map, Aztec and AWP Fun! - Window Workshoppers Episode 1 read the last part

      TedTed11 dagar sedan
  • Where are the map links?

    ADS CFTADS CFT12 dagar sedan
  • Is the intro made by the same artist that did the richard lewis animations?

    Sebastian BjörkmanSebastian Björkman12 dagar sedan
    • yes

      Chris MorskiChris Morski12 dagar sedan
  • I remember myself playing that last map on cs 1.6, but there each ct player was in a different cabine, so it was more balanced

    Shahen HovakimyanShahen Hovakimyan12 dagar sedan
  • please bring back aztec

    PanTalonPanTalon12 dagar sedan
  • I like

    MattisbubbaMattisbubba12 dagar sedan
  • cute intro ngl

    bitronicbitronic12 dagar sedan
  • Its map from Russian map maker, name "OREL"

    doubledouble12 dagar sedan
  • Links , please !!

    КекинКекин12 dagar sedan
  • Drop links for that maps ??

    КекинКекин12 dagar sedan
  • Cool the intro was sick

    GROLLEDGROLLED12 dagar sedan
  • drop the links for these workshop maps?

    Tarun HoodaTarun Hooda12 dagar sedan
    • Added in description!

      ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-Strike11 dagar sedan
  • Rush b

    Nishant MankarNishant Mankar12 dagar sedan
  • I like this

    GarrettGarrett12 dagar sedan

    IM HENRIIM HENRI12 dagar sedan
  • dad

    HaniaGamerHaniaGamer12 dagar sedan
  • Booop🐶

    SakshamSaksham12 dagar sedan
  • First

    ByDrezzTVByDrezzTV12 dagar sedan