OVERTIMES AND INSANE CLUTCHES - ESL Pro League Season 13 Grand Final Highlights

It was Gambit vs. Heroic in the Bo5 ESL Pro League Grand Final.
They decided to play so many overtimes, it might've been a Bo6.

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  • It was one of the best match i habe ever watched and the last round was legendary

    Atakan BurçAtakan Burç2 månader sedan
  • Steam banned my account because i said fuck Gaben in steam discussions page.. Lost over 2000 euros of investments, and after contacting steam support, they just said "sorry cant help you" Better think twice before using Steam...

    aleksi faswfaleksi faswf2 månader sedan
  • GG

    worldgames ofmyworldgames ofmy2 månader sedan
  • commentators did a fantastic job

    Rezoan MahmudRezoan Mahmud2 månader sedan
  • Its baffling how the commentators predict the win. Makes the clutches 1000 times better.

    Aritra DeAritra De2 månader sedan
  • Now that was a final, wtf is that clutch

    Akhil SajuAkhil Saju2 månader sedan
  • Absolute Madness...Just imagine if they were in the Arena...!!!

    MAD MAXMAD MAX2 månader sedan
  • "You can't win pro league like this" has just been added to the list of iconic commentary lines in pro CS over the years

    Akash KolaventyAkash Kolaventy2 månader sedan
  • the casting combo of spunj and machine is too good, the clutch would not have looked as good without the casting.

    Manav JethvaManav Jethva2 månader sedan
  • graffity in mirage for this moment

    JJRZNJJRZN2 månader sedan
  • EZ

    B1icharB1ichar2 månader sedan
  • Really happy for Heroic ❤️✨

    Jad Al_SousJad Al_Sous2 månader sedan
  • Best time :)

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ Legendary2 månader sedan
  • "ohh!" highlights

    WinGamingPTWinGamingPT2 månader sedan
  • That "just do it" at the end got me 😂 cadiaN what a beast 😲

    Der KundenbetreuerDer Kundenbetreuer2 månader sedan
  • cadiaN deserves graffiti on mirage stairs

    k1nd gamerk1nd gamer2 månader sedan
  • great final but have not been enjoying these highlights at all :s lots of good moments just cut

    Erki ValkErki Valk2 månader sedan
  • spunj and machine best casters fr

    NickNick2 månader sedan
    • oh yes love them

      Sannii c:Sannii c:2 månader sedan
  • Is there a better clutch than that? Like legit, clutches happen, but is this not the best clutch of all time?

    Emmanuel PerezEmmanuel Perez2 månader sedan
  • Wow. Really... I had goosebumps while watching the GF yesterday!!!

    MrNobodyMrNobody2 månader sedan
  • Of course cadian deserves a graffiti for his freking amazing clutch at mirage . He diserves a graffiti. I will not call that place stairs I will call cadian from now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nilabh Jyoti KashyapNilabh Jyoti Kashyap2 månader sedan
    • no major no graffiti why is that so hard to understand?

      grimg0rgrimg0r2 månader sedan
    • I know he does,but it isn't a valve sponsored event

      Nivyan NoorNivyan Noor2 månader sedan
  • i dont think any other team could have made the grand finals as interesting as these two The fact Heroic made Gambit work super hard against Gambit who just beat NaVi and Astralis like they are trash speaks volumes about how competitive CS currently is

    Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian2 månader sedan
  • we need a graffiti at mirage stairs man

    Master of DesasterMaster of Desaster2 månader sedan
  • This Finale derseved the Name grand final!!! Best Finale for ages

    Marcel LeoneMarcel Leone2 månader sedan
  • why not post the ending score for the games?

    Alexander MüllerAlexander Müller2 månader sedan
  • This match was full of goosebump's...one of the best match of 2021.

    • @Malay Choudhary 😅

    • *goosebumps

      Malay ChoudharyMalay Choudhary2 månader sedan
  • dude cadian must have shit his pants when he won that

    FolderNameFolderName2 månader sedan
    • after that you can see he was feeling dizzy, even he can't believe how he won that

      Noob EngineerNoob Engineer2 månader sedan
  • Cadia stands!!!

    Dmitry YmychanovDmitry Ymychanov2 månader sedan
  • 7:12

    Foxy 47Foxy 472 månader sedan
    • JUST................................ DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      KyboKybo2 månader sedan
  • cadian's clutch was awesome but Sh1ro's AK save and Axile evading the bomb's blast was great too.

    Light that Burns the SkyLight that Burns the Sky2 månader sedan
    • Also falling from heaven no scope

      Hugo_Luca_Hugo_Luca_2 månader sedan
  • XD

    Gourav Singh RawatGourav Singh Rawat2 månader sedan
  • Cadian he is the Man.

    Michael DeoMichael Deo2 månader sedan
  • Im Just gonna say '' CadiaN'' and you already know it

    知MartiN知MartiN2 månader sedan
  • The most exciting grand finals we've had for a long time

    Brixter GeronimoBrixter Geronimo2 månader sedan
  • Best finish of the year crazy " CadiaN "

    방탕주넨단방탕주넨단2 månader sedan
    • the year just started buddy xD

      Heil95 _Heil95 _2 månader sedan
  • Arguably one of the most clutch-est moment in pro gaming history. Just check these out... 1. Was a save round... 2. 1 vs 4... 3. Equipped only with a pistol vs 2 AWPs & 2 full rifles and utilities... 4. No grenade prior to knifing Shiro... 5. 2 HP vs remaining 3 players with FULL HP & FULL ARMOR... 6. 2 consecutive wall shots led a kill... 7. All 3 players knew where he was coming... 8. Took exactly 4 shots to kill 4... 9. Title point clutch in a major pro-league final. 10. Literally a heroic clutch by a hero whose team name is Hero-ic.

    Jawon LeeJawon Lee2 månader sedan
    • mixed 6. and 7. but yes, just insane :D

      jimjonjimjonjonjimjonjimjonjon2 månader sedan
    • 1 vs 4 from the best team in the world

      zorendjzorendj2 månader sedan
    • @barritas they meant major as in an adjective

      constantinoconstantino2 månader sedan
    • major?

      barritasbarritas2 månader sedan
  • This clutch will be one of the 10 most iconic plays in a few years

    TxddyTxddy2 månader sedan
    • @MikMakSky he even commented on zywoos frag movie "more aces than s1mple has kills" too obvious man

      Manfred Law Yan DaManfred Law Yan Da2 månader sedan
    • @UserUnknown Yes, you are.

      MikMakSkyMikMakSky2 månader sedan
    • @MikMakSky I know you have aspirations of being a youtube star, but I'm definitely not your fanboy.

      UserUnknownUserUnknown2 månader sedan
    • @UserUnknown It's just that unmistakable smell of fanboy.

      MikMakSkyMikMakSky2 månader sedan
    • @Txddy the knife kill was a bad play though. So that detracts from it. but yeah it was a good clutch, just not the 'greatest ever' like a lot of people decided. As if that was the first game of CS they ever watched.

      UserUnknownUserUnknown2 månader sedan
  • We will still remember this play in a few years

    TxddyTxddy2 månader sedan
  • Best clutch in a while

    James BuiJames Bui2 månader sedan
  • If cadians *1v4 eco p250 2hp no armour, knife opponent to get awp clutch for the ESL pro league FINALS on MAP 5 doesn't deserve a graffiti, I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE DESERVES IT*

    Swapneel SahuSwapneel Sahu2 månader sedan
    • Nah, device first, and Stewie stillcdoesnt have one

      Gravity HacksGravity Hacks2 månader sedan
    • no major no graffiti sadge

      Mohd SufyanMohd Sufyan2 månader sedan
    • graffiti will only be given when it is a major match.

      Wilson LuoWilson Luo2 månader sedan
    • It would deserve one but graffitis are only for plays from majors

      TxddyTxddy2 månader sedan
  • This isn't valorant

    KngRetroKngRetro2 månader sedan
    • @dodekaedius that's a nice roast cheers

      Rafly “FlyMTTM” AssalamRafly “FlyMTTM” Assalam2 månader sedan
    • @dodekaedius 😂

      Rish JRish J2 månader sedan
    • How on earth were you able to connect your eyes and brain like that to figure that out?

      dodekaediusdodekaedius2 månader sedan
  • Yayayaya!!!!

    M9sotr9s_EliteM9sotr9s_Elite2 månader sedan