The ESL Pro League Season 13 Finals were hype in pure form!
And Gambit and Heroic were feeling it too. But listen for yourselves!

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  • Heroic: *win a map* Refrezh: Man how about I scratch my head *scritch scrotch*

    John CenaJohn CenaMånad sedan
  • I wanna hear gambits reaction to the final round so bad

    your momyour momMånad sedan
    • yes like last minute of mirage just gambit cams

      hamudi salamihamudi salamiMånad sedan
  • why do the heroic Comms not have any translation

    PBsquilzPBsquilz2 månader sedan
  • 4:05 ill drop some dirty joke here but muslims maybe get offended...

    Filip ĆurčićFilip Ćurčić2 månader sedan
  • Too many heroic and no subs

    PrefioPrefio2 månader sedan
  • want to see the team's reaction while cadian started for 1v4

    VB STVB ST2 månader sedan
  • Apparently danish is an international language and we don't need any translations

    BagasBagas2 månader sedan
  • would be more interesting if you showed longer clips instead of just 5 minutes of people screaming "NIIIIIICE"

    WernerWerner2 månader sedan
  • Gambit: Blyat Heroic: Sådan drenge

    W1NSLOWW1NSLOW2 månader sedan
  • Моё почтение CadiaN. Капитан команды закрывает игры 😎

    MarlokkkMarlokkk2 månader sedan
  • 4:46 I know you guys come for this :D

    Wess zzWess zz2 månader sedan
  • "Почему русские вперед, я же казах" говорит и в комнате 4 русских сидит, а это тело вообще непонять какое отношение имеет к ним и к ксу в целом, лол). Даже в комментариях отмечают, что этот клоун оделся как на job interview. Поэтому эта команда в принципе обречена, как и прошлая. Потому что эти нацики даже вдвоем умудряются какой-то национальный вопрос поднимать и не могут себя адекватно вести, как и этот хоббит в прошлых гамбитах, когда сизд хорошо отыгрывал, но он начал ему завидовать и кикнул со своими дружками казахами, а до этого ровно по той же причине выпнули зевса и мишу кейна. Затем в конце концов развалив команду полностью.

    Aleksei CorbinAleksei Corbin2 månader sedan
    • Так Хоббит в конце переобулся и сам сказал русские вперёд, + помойму Константин отвечал не на вопрос хоббита, а зачитал откуда то с другого монитора, хотя может я ошибаюсь

      ArsenyArseny2 månader sedan
  • 0:36 As german it sounds like Cadian is saying: so geht das Sjuush! (thats how it has to be done)

    MGMG2 månader sedan
    • ich hätte gedacht "so muss das" idk

      LuiisLuiis2 månader sedan
  • ข้าวเหนียวไก่ทอด

    Prasert VisitsubPrasert Visitsub2 månader sedan
  • This video is naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee👍

    K knIgHtK knIgHt2 månader sedan
  • Darth Vader got me there

    Avada KedavraAvada Kedavra2 månader sedan
  • So hypedddddd

    Xuân VũXuân Vũ2 månader sedan
  • 1 Gambit moment-10 Heroic, ok ESL 👍

    Q A-Q A-2 månader sedan
    • @Sebastian S. (Simtalnius) you should think before typing If you can’t understand simple things that’s not my problem Gl next time

      Q A-Q A-2 månader sedan
    • Wow, the winning team had more hype moments. Who would have thought?

      Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)2 månader sedan
  • 90% Heroic 10% Gambit

    Norman XD!Norman XD!2 månader sedan
  • Wins 1 round....nice intensifies

    ab zoneab zone2 månader sedan
  • Goddamn their celebrations are so well deserved. Reminds me of the mibr roster with VSM when they celebrate like cavemen it's so hilarious.

    Doge McDogefaceDoge McDogeface2 månader sedan
  • Так казахии перед🇰🇿

    Dev1ce AstralisDev1ce Astralis2 månader sedan
  • no one: not a single soul: not even aliens: not even fucking 4rth dimension beings: Heroic : N I C E E E E E Eeeeeee

    VISHAL RANAVISHAL RANA2 månader sedan
    • Someone's salty haha

      Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)2 månader sedan
  • I think gambit hired a coach from Fiverr

    Huckleberry CSHuckleberry CS2 månader sedan
  • Gambit's coach looking like he's about to host a job interview.

    romdon ромдонromdon ромдон2 månader sedan
  • i like it Heroic time speak :)

    QaZaQ LegendaryQaZaQ Legendary2 månader sedan
  • why only translation from ruski? i want dk translate aswell

    Nick HNick H2 månader sedan
  • Groove to Hobbit: "Why "Russians lets go?" I am kazakh When we will play for Kazakhstan, we will all be kazakh" Funny moment

    HathiHathi2 månader sedan
  • Why is russian translated but danish no...

    LOL -for YouLOL -for You2 månader sedan
  • Gambit should scream more. It's good for morale

    Legendary ChickenLegendary Chicken2 månader sedan
    • Not letting emotions get to them can be a good thing coz if your to hype you might make a mistake

      Shall TerShall Ter2 månader sedan
  • Also you should've added Forsaken's *Let's go china * clip after he won qualifiers in India 😂

    Sahil BhandariSahil Bhandari2 månader sedan
  • Why bother to make russian subtitles but no danish?

    MattMatt2 månader sedan
    • Russian translator but no Danish one available?

      Tim MortierTim Mortier2 månader sedan
  • 0:42 why are there two SH1RO's? Everything about that clip is confusing

    RecksRecks2 månader sedan
    • usually that happens when someone disconnects from the server. whichever name happens to be at the bottom after the disconnect gets duplicated sometimes.

      Logan HermanLogan Herman2 månader sedan
    • I too noticed that during the live stream. Prolly just a broadcasting bug.

      Priyansh AgrawalPriyansh Agrawal2 månader sedan
    • True wtf

      Simão MoreiraSimão Moreira2 månader sedan
  • “Blyat” 😂😂😂

    95_Ends95_Ends2 månader sedan
  • Whenever made this video really fucked up at the end only including the last kill and not the whole 1v4

    OhhhPezOhhhPez2 månader sedan
  • People who flame gambit team just don't understand it was a close fight ( 2:3 ). Gambit team has won a few competitions and took second place at last esl and that's why they don't deserve to be flamed and trolled. They will back stronger!!!

    Just TimJust Tim2 månader sedan
    • Gambit are legends and could just as well have won. They are literally at the beginning of their ascent. It will only get better for them with experience i think.

      Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)2 månader sedan
    • Gambit is insane

      alexrobed39kalexrobed39k2 månader sedan
    • @Mohit Khanna said the guy with indian name lol

      Just TimJust Tim2 månader sedan
    • Nigga stfu shiro russki shit

      Mohit KhannaMohit Khanna2 månader sedan
  • Please upload team reactions from the clutch starting all the way from b-site

    Christian ThymannChristian Thymann2 månader sedan
    • @romdon ромдон I'd still like to see see them

      Christian ThymannChristian Thymann2 månader sedan
    • Mostly silence.

      romdon ромдонromdon ромдон2 månader sedan
  • I understood ,,nice“ and ,,blyat‘‘ that’s all

    hodenbacke55555hodenbacke555552 månader sedan
  • Gambit coach wears a fucking suit? Based.

    molotovXcryptmolotovXcrypt2 månader sedan
  • My man Cadian deserves a graffiti... Gaben please do the necessary

    Kevin JacobKevin Jacob2 månader sedan
    • @Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse! he isnt jealous or hates him or anything. He is just being realistic

      theDebttheDebt2 månader sedan
    • @Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse! hes not jealous, hes pointing out that valve isnt adding a graffiti cuz they arent

      Eugene XuEugene Xu2 månader sedan
    • @alcaz4r why do you have to be so against the graffiti? Do u hate cadiaN? Are u jealous of him?

      Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse!Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse!2 månader sedan
    • @alcaz4r yes "random event" they only had 200k viewers

      Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse!Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse!2 månader sedan
    • @Totta vitussa saatanan paskaperse! friberg was the king of banana at every event - meaning majors. nice plays do not get grafittis at random events

      alcaz4ralcaz4r2 månader sedan
  • *esl pro league grand final nafany: B o o b s

    Shoup DeusShoup Deus2 månader sedan
    • Русские вперед

      3n3my3n3my2 månader sedan
    • boobs is the name of this position, we call it like this

      n1kn1k2 månader sedan
    • They call mid of the bombtrain like this

      Мадияр КуандыкМадияр Куандык2 månader sedan
    • @Mr. Avocado Man 2:19

      Diti BSDiti BS2 månader sedan
    • timestamp

      Mr. Avocado ManMr. Avocado Man2 månader sedan
  • Zajebista isn't fuck

    KsnexKsnex2 månader sedan
  • Gambit coach wears a fucking suit? Based.

    The SenateThe Senate2 månader sedan
    • based as fuck

      WizkyWizky2 månader sedan
  • Nobody: Heroic:Niceeeeeee

    Angler IOSAngler IOS2 månader sedan
  • Naaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee

    silhigsilhig2 månader sedan
  • Nafany love blyat.

    Michael DeoMichael Deo2 månader sedan
  • really sick play by cadian. you have my respect sir

    hddnbyhddnby2 månader sedan
  • Nais

    Daniel KnejzlíkDaniel Knejzlík2 månader sedan
  • 5th to comment

    DIRECT HELLDIRECT HELL2 månader sedan
  • Proven and tested that heroic has the best and very viable roster

    Ninong al jamesNinong al james2 månader sedan
    • @theDebt OP's sentence is easily comprehendible and not bad at all by internet standards. I hate when a person who only speaks English makes fun of others attempting to speak their language.

      Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)2 månader sedan
    • @Sebastian S. (Simtalnius) i dont think op should be made fun of, but he isnt being made fun of for speaking multiple languages, but making improper sentences

      theDebttheDebt2 månader sedan
    • ​@Calesa, Frederick Im amazed we still have people who make fun of others for being able to speak multiple languages.

      Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)Sebastian S. (Simtalnius)2 månader sedan
    • The what the heck the are the you the talking the about

      Calesa, FrederickCalesa, Frederick2 månader sedan
  • Naaaiccsee

    AhsanDeagleAhsanDeagle2 månader sedan
  • First to comment cuz I am jobless af!!

    SyeD BilalSyeD Bilal2 månader sedan
    • Lol im second

      AhsanDeagleAhsanDeagle2 månader sedan