IEM Summer 2021 Official Trailer

Summer is finally here! Time for some insane CSGO.
From June 3rd to 13th we have the best teams in the world competing for $250,000.

All you need to know about IEM Summer 2021:

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Ladda ner



  • where is NAVI? its a joke?

    Наиль ДаутовНаиль ДаутовDag sedan
  • my man tired to get sunburn while wearing full sas uniform

    war crimes manwar crimes man3 dagar sedan
  • Rechyyy 13 April 2014 CSGO intro Better Than You IEM ! YOU SUCKS ! Olders Betters Ones !

    C.A. oldC.A. old5 dagar sedan
  • Who is the editor doe?

    FabrizziowFabrizziow5 dagar sedan
  • This, this is what a good trailer is. The music, the editing, the funny joke at the end, it is simply magnifique.

    Doge McDogefaceDoge McDogeface5 dagar sedan
  • Why add 1000 effects. Video looks like sh*t in 1 fps

    FoXZiLFoXZiL6 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or does one of the CT's sound like Fitz?

    savk0n1savk0n16 dagar sedan
  • wow some actual aggro music instead of inapropriate edm or rap

    RadattkRadattk7 dagar sedan
  • Furia? Oplano? cd os terror dos gringo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    pedro henriquepedro henrique7 dagar sedan
  • A gdzie anonymo 😪

    Kuba OstrowskiKuba Ostrowski8 dagar sedan
  • source 2

    CauêCauê8 dagar sedan
  • CSGO 1 - VALO 0

    Shubham PawarShubham Pawar9 dagar sedan
  • complexity 4 x deagle

    QuantessenzQuantessenz9 dagar sedan
  • This trailer made me happy

    BENBEN9 dagar sedan
  • Song: Nate Morgan - In Revolt

    FreezeCakeFreezeCake10 dagar sedan
  • Simple navi wer

    PIXELPIXEL10 dagar sedan
  • What’s the song

    rustrust10 dagar sedan
  • Why does this feel like a episod of jackass

    StimpsStimps10 dagar sedan
  • I'm getting some Tony Hawks Pro Skater vibes from that video

    Ol QbOl Qb10 dagar sedan
  • Love it

    NXFLYNXFLY10 dagar sedan
  • name of the song pleaseeeee

    Rene BrinRene Brin11 dagar sedan
  • Petition: Promotion to the guy that had the balls to make this

    Kostasolol rockieKostasolol rockie11 dagar sedan
  • Never knew csgo competetive could be this awesome..

    MultiGamerClubMultiGamerClub11 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait

    Ya Boi IgnasYa Boi Ignas11 dagar sedan
  • i see the ccfmb + optical flow , i see it

    TiraTira12 dagar sedan
  • SICK ASSF EDIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOFASLOFAS12 dagar sedan
  • music 2/10

    LukasLukas12 dagar sedan
  • we need more of this kind content

    Fran MlinarićFran Mlinarić13 dagar sedan
  • cool

    koalasevmeyenkolakoalasevmeyenkola13 dagar sedan
  • Device with his 40% loss.... Oh no i need replay

    oxxikoxxik13 dagar sedan
  • Omg komidi king

    I S KushagraI S Kushagra13 dagar sedan
  • This should be in everyone's recommended

    Juliano JosoaJuliano Josoa13 dagar sedan
  • где симпл

    КАРЫЧКАРЫЧ13 dagar sedan

    piropiro14 dagar sedan
  • clipping of the chair lmao

    john doughjohn dough14 dagar sedan
  • Random recommendation but I ain't complaining.

    Sebi RoAFSebi RoAF14 dagar sedan
  • Be honest guys, everyone was waiting for s1mple's clip.

    KrishnaKrishna14 dagar sedan
    • Navi isn't in so neither is S1mple.

      markkNLmarkkNL12 dagar sedan
  • no s0mple😂

    WortolWortol14 dagar sedan
  • Looking really God. But I didn't knew that people can talk without moving them mouths

    ZemlyaZemlya14 dagar sedan
  • Dam, who edited this?

    Striker ProductionStriker Production15 dagar sedan
  • you should consider giving hlae credits .. mhm

    nicesify ✪nicesify ✪15 dagar sedan
  • OMG nice Trailer dude !

    Serkan KSerkan K15 dagar sedan
  • where tf is 9z?

    Bravo / AbaxBravo / Abax15 dagar sedan
  • Can u guys please update the football model on dust II ? Its urgent! I think if I kick a nice looking footbal on b side the "sometimes your oppenent just has a really good day"-players will let me win one round.

    iM4rWiniM4rWin15 dagar sedan
  • in a nuthsell, nothing changed just cringe.

    YangNochalYangNochal16 dagar sedan
  • Where is the Spotify playlist???

    MinisoMiniso16 dagar sedan
  • Song name?

    CyclekCyclek16 dagar sedan
  • "Ah shit here we go again"

    slimez0slimez016 dagar sedan
  • А нави на этом тупике не будет?

    Jomaka0505Jomaka050516 dagar sedan
  • Why cant iem summer be streamed on SEcrone as well? The fact you cant pause and rewind on twitch is annoying. Stream this live to youtube as well

    Darren 100Darren 10016 dagar sedan
    • Esl has contact with twitch

      Артём ТорАртём Тор9 dagar sedan
  • Astralis vs NIP incoming

    b0nanz9_ csgob0nanz9_ csgo17 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Intel for having this amazing trailer done

    morango M.morango M.17 dagar sedan
  • Not perfect as flashpoint 3 trailer, but cool too

    Захар КосарукЗахар Косарук17 dagar sedan
  • "id rather shoot myself with a bizon"

    grimg0rgrimg0r17 dagar sedan

    Emirhan şanEmirhan şan17 dagar sedan
  • I already see twitch chat cringing...

    MaxMax17 dagar sedan
  • Breeze map?

    Nurali SengaliyevNurali Sengaliyev17 dagar sedan
  • wow

    disc0nnecteddisc0nnected18 dagar sedan
  • that track was lit though

    esp_Pipinoesp_Pipino18 dagar sedan
  • Where NAVI ?

    palm olivpalm oliv19 dagar sedan
  • Where navi?

    Котик в очкахКотик в очках19 dagar sedan
  • Excited!! It's sad that Mouz,Navi and Liquid will not participate in this tournament but hey can't be helped

    JimmyJimmy19 dagar sedan
  • Где хайлайты сани?

    1 21 219 dagar sedan
  • nice trailer

    Mimon Baraka Gaming VEVO HDMimon Baraka Gaming VEVO HD19 dagar sedan
  • Непонял. А где s1ple?

    Dimonchik PocemonchikDimonchik Pocemonchik19 dagar sedan
  • " Even I can do those in valorant "

    Siddharth GhoshSiddharth Ghosh20 dagar sedan
    • can u get out of here ?

      Anwar braham أنور ابراهمAnwar braham أنور ابراهم14 dagar sedan
  • wheerree iiss NaViiiii?

    shroud fragershroud frager20 dagar sedan
  • Song, please?

    Willibrordus BintangWillibrordus Bintang20 dagar sedan
  • song?

    MekataroMekataro20 dagar sedan
  • Song name? please 🥺

    Amit RaiAmit Rai21 dag sedan
    • @Cyclek thanks buddy

      Amit RaiAmit Rai16 dagar sedan
    • Nate Morgan - In Revolt

      CyclekCyclek16 dagar sedan
  • Those guys looks like Thatcher and Sledge in Rainbow 6 Siege

    SumzGamzSumzGamz21 dag sedan
  • The guiltless calculator gully fool because hockey behaviourally correct minus a juvenile sort. trashy, hideous high mist

    Stephen HarrisonStephen Harrison21 dag sedan
  • Its so sad knowing there will not be a es3tag autograph sticker yet

    sKr1LexsKr1Lex21 dag sedan
  • Mousesports didn't qualify for this event Sadge

    zayd 1111zayd 111121 dag sedan
  • ZYWOO 💯🔥🔥🔥

    mipax_33mipax_3322 dagar sedan
  • zyWHO?

    Leonel “Chimy” ManziLeonel “Chimy” Manzi22 dagar sedan
  • Sick frags!

    crushonhardcorecrushonhardcore22 dagar sedan
  • Perfect!

    Bd csgoBd csgo22 dagar sedan
  • Song????

    Arturox4Arturox422 dagar sedan
  • Asheeeee

    Ivansittow CabjIvansittow Cabj22 dagar sedan
  • Song: Nate Morgan - In Revolt

    A Porsche 911 GT3A Porsche 911 GT322 dagar sedan
    • Thanks mate!!

      morango M.morango M.17 dagar sedan
  • Where is xantares

    m17m1722 dagar sedan
  • ohhh its too gooood

    RandomGuyonNetRandomGuyonNet22 dagar sedan
  • Love this way more than any valorant trailer

    0lecV0lecV22 dagar sedan
  • hyped

    MaxWognaMaxWogna22 dagar sedan
  • Navi ???

    Hargun gillHargun gill22 dagar sedan
  • anyone know the song?

    kalzakalza22 dagar sedan
    • nevermind I found it, In revolt - nate morgan

      kalzakalza22 dagar sedan
  • No navi?

    Dr.Danny GaminGDr.Danny GaminG22 dagar sedan
  • & that chutiya shroud saying valorant is replacing CS!😏

    Ko MetKo Met23 dagar sedan
  • Hats Off to these wonderful casters and Backend Observers (RUSH my Fav)... We could never enjoy game like we do

    Umair RanaUmair Rana23 dagar sedan
  • Why Navi is not playing in this tournament great video btw

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar23 dagar sedan
  • Song Name?

    FløfFløf23 dagar sedan
  • The poor clipping of the chair absorbed most of it 😂😂😂

    TuomasTuomas23 dagar sedan
  • It is katowice?

    LorexLorex23 dagar sedan
  • smooth

    Rai1Rai123 dagar sedan
  • finally ESL actually making some good content, love hugo and harry!!!

    PBsquilzPBsquilz23 dagar sedan
  • Music sounds like Green Day covering Motörhead

    Jarmo SiiraJarmo Siira23 dagar sedan
  • Is that all the teams participating the tournament?

    IzumoriIzumori23 dagar sedan
  • Fuck device, s1mple is the best

    Sidhant JasrotiaSidhant Jasrotia23 dagar sedan
  • I love these guys, one of the best casters rn, making jokes,having fun, casting games while everyone is stuck alone at home

    Sidhant JasrotiaSidhant Jasrotia23 dagar sedan