The ultimate CS:GO Pub Quiz

How well do the CS:GO Pros know the scene? Can they remember all the major winners? Who was on FaZe Clan before? What are CS:GO's top clutchers?
Find out in our ultimate CS:GO Pub Quiz!

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Ladda ner



  • ArT relying on Junior to remember the names lol

    Lee MarquezLee Marquez17 dagar sedan
  • Rip flamie

    nwgnwg22 dagar sedan
  • )

    Арсений БулгановАрсений Булганов22 dagar sedan
  • Nice video... at least a long one.

  • #7 Gambit 26, 5 #8 Furia 27,5

    Jacob DJacob D22 dagar sedan
  • 8:06 Bumas :DDD

    O ZeniauO Zeniau22 dagar sedan
  • Udith IsuruUdith Isuru22 dagar sedan
  • great video as always!

    dio iodio io23 dagar sedan
  • Nice video!

    BettergamesBettergames23 dagar sedan
  • S1mple as usual carrying🤣🤣

    Anirban SenroyAnirban Senroy23 dagar sedan
    • flamie is good

      Lee MarquezLee Marquez17 dagar sedan
  • They got Flamie for NaVi KEKW

    Ajay JhaAjay Jha23 dagar sedan
  • “Faze definitely never win” - Stewie2k

    A BA B23 dagar sedan
    • love it

      A. SINGH “A.Singh 007” 007A. SINGH “A.Singh 007” 00721 dag sedan

    DMK_RAPDMK_RAP23 dagar sedan
  • Great content!

    Luka ČuljakLuka Čuljak23 dagar sedan
  • Best content tbh we need more!

    _Chaitanyaaa__Chaitanyaaa_23 dagar sedan
  • Goat s1mple

    rohanrohan23 dagar sedan
  • Navi always #1 😎

    Story Games CommentatorStory Games Commentator23 dagar sedan
  • 1:59 LMAO

    46 Alex46 Alex23 dagar sedan
  • Stew rly forgot SK...

    Karl LeeKarl Lee23 dagar sedan
  • This is why Navi need flamie, he knows everyone's birthdays.

    Max and MolsMax and Mols23 dagar sedan
    • yes wtf is this skill hahaha

      thanasis834thanasis83421 dag sedan
    • Mean but funny

      Bucket LindersonBucket Linderson23 dagar sedan
    • @Kubilay Yazoğlu this is like learning for a test and the things your learned wil not be in the test

      Raymond DurdenRaymond Durden23 dagar sedan
    • He said fish though 😂

      Kubilay YazoğluKubilay Yazoğlu23 dagar sedan
    • 😂👍

      Story Games CommentatorStory Games Commentator23 dagar sedan
  • 1 in the name, number 1 in the game haha

    eatmyaspirineatmyaspirin23 dagar sedan
  • bomas LUL

    Blade-Blade-23 dagar sedan
  • 14:43 We all know how it feels Cadian

    Vivek KumarVivek Kumar23 dagar sedan
    • I remember because it has the word 'anus' in it.

      T_busT_bus23 dagar sedan
  • Do more of those

    Du1MaTDu1MaT23 dagar sedan
  • What the hell Flamie? Inhuman memories

    Lightning CatLightning Cat23 dagar sedan
  • Comment for the algorithm

    Johnny TricepsJohnny Triceps23 dagar sedan
  • Awesome Content!

    Johnny TricepsJohnny Triceps23 dagar sedan
  • This is the best content a TO has produced. keep up the great work!

    K SK S23 dagar sedan
  • flamie wtf???????? knows everyones birthday and sign???

    KerttisKerttis23 dagar sedan
  • I just loved the content ❣️🔥

    DrkDrk23 dagar sedan
  • Art is the best

    tomb tombtomb tomb23 dagar sedan
  • 14:55 wasn't furia supposed to be in #7 and gambit in #8?

    Zion LimaZion Lima23 dagar sedan
    • @Matthew Kim k

      Zion LimaZion Lima23 dagar sedan
    • @Zion Lima then go to ESL and apply for a job to edit their videos, and then fix it yourself

      Matthew KimMatthew Kim23 dagar sedan
    • @Matthew Kim I do tho

      Zion LimaZion Lima23 dagar sedan
    • i dont think anyone cares that much lmao

      Matthew KimMatthew Kim23 dagar sedan
  • "FaZe definitely didn't win any" Stewie such a troll man LMAO

    AbhiRamAbhiRam23 dagar sedan
  • How many major winners can you name? Art: GOOD

    Karthik SRI RAMKarthik SRI RAM23 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely loving these series man, keep up the good work!

    今井鈴音今井鈴音23 dagar sedan
  • Top 10 content for sure! Love it!

    Fabio TeaFabio Tea23 dagar sedan
  • hardly

    Mattia SalsiMattia Salsi23 dagar sedan
  • The ending 🤣

    Im ZirkiIm Zirki23 dagar sedan
  • Elige first name? Pass

    SukhsSukhs23 dagar sedan
  • адрен напиши нико

    aSp_KinG kuskovaSp_KinG kuskov23 dagar sedan
  • noone: S1mple: Bumas

    DovydasDovydas23 dagar sedan
    • Because letter y in russian makes oo sound

      Luca SaltLuca Salt23 dagar sedan
  • Flamie has spent wayyyyy too much time memorizing dates instead of improving his gameplay xD

    BillBill23 dagar sedan
    • Fr

      rohanrohan23 dagar sedan
    • @005_Harshit Chaurasia LOLOLOL bro he troll why u so mad

      Matthew KimMatthew Kim23 dagar sedan
    • are you better than him ? if, no then keep that salt to yourself. ☺

      005_Harshit Chaurasia005_Harshit Chaurasia23 dagar sedan
  • Do more videos like this one!

    CofyCofy23 dagar sedan
  • what does a "pub" quiz mean?

    ProfilenProfilen23 dagar sedan
    • @Luca Salt if you ever find me sitting in a pub taking a csgo quiz you have my permission to kill me

      ProfilenProfilen23 dagar sedan
    • A quiz that takes place in a pub. Everyone drinks while answering questions in teams it's pretty fun.

      Luca SaltLuca Salt23 dagar sedan
  • Magisk just always have his iconic IDGAF face

    今井鈴音今井鈴音23 dagar sedan
  • oke, wat

    yo savageyo savage23 dagar sedan
  • not me

    SvenCo YoloSvenCo Yolo23 dagar sedan
  • rip flamie

    ADGEADGE23 dagar sedan
  • Первый

    Альбек НазаровАльбек Назаров23 dagar sedan