de_ancient aggressive B-Site CT strategy - Pro-Tips

Hey future Pros 👋
Rushly has been working tirelessly to bring you the first Pro-Tip on the new de_ancient! With this B-Site push you're sure to make life hard for the Ts.

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  • I already found a flaw in your strat

    bilal shehzadbilal shehzadMånad sedan
  • meanwhile Ts just smoked out top mid (they can do it from T spawn) and pushed to A (split 2T main-halls with bomb, 3T mid to side-halls) 3 CTs to B is a bad strat boys. no way CTs from B will help mid if Ts just pushed

    acc.acc.Månad sedan
  • train

    MerkySalmonMerkySalmonMånad sedan
  • ok so there is CT agressive play B site but no b rush ??

    back lashback lashMånad sedan
  • Pros watching this video to learn how to play this map

    ShadowCythShadowCythMånad sedan
  • No pls delete this map

    HT ArapiHT ArapiMånad sedan
  • ADJÖ gdammit.... /swede

    Jonatan PeterssonJonatan PeterssonMånad sedan
  • This map kinda reminds me of de_aztec from 1.6

    Antoine HasbroAntoine HasbroMånad sedan
  • This guy don't know what he's talking about.... CT or T, it's Rush B and Don't stop! and nothing else.

    TheBazzterd U'r Average GamerTheBazzterd U'r Average GamerMånad sedan
  • Pointless video. No one will play that crap. It's even worse than vertigo.

    James NJames NMånad sedan
  • Rushly widepeepoHappy

    RichardRichardMånad sedan
  • removing train was sad :(

    Rish JRish JMånad sedan
  • this is what Nadeking no longer does lol

    Osh_93Osh_93Månad sedan
  • I'm curious, why they need to erase map and add map to the map pool, why don't just add it for more variety?

    HoFHoFMånad sedan
    • @Shahen Hovakimyan that's maybe not it because they can figure it out, even there's app out there that can do pick and ban automatically with different number of maps, also there's also different "best of" in tournament BO1, BO3, and BO5 and 3 of them has different system so it's not a problem they can easily figure it out. Or maybe they just lazy idk, just my opinion

      HoFHoFMånad sedan
    • Because there is a pick/ban system, which will get ruined if there is gonna be 8 maps instead of 7.

      Shahen HovakimyanShahen HovakimyanMånad sedan
  • Wanna rush B? This vid shows never rush B

    :D video:D videoMånad sedan
  • i would like more pleaseee.

    HeercamelotHeercamelotMånad sedan
  • A good map for a good update, it's very cool to change De_train for Ancient. Because train it's adventaged for CT side. New map new gameplay for CS. You are the best Valve 👌

    Titou KervoTitou KervoMånad sedan
    • @Yavuz Mert ERSOY Lmao. So toxic guys. if you're so not happy change the game for the worst

      Titou KervoTitou KervoMånad sedan
    • train looking like ct for u 'cuz u are fucking noob who doesnt know how to execute at T side.. train was very well map

      Yavuz Mert ERSOYYavuz Mert ERSOYMånad sedan
  • I thought they added this map from Valorant

    Lemi RKLemi RKMånad sedan
  • The strat name lol, rush biggest nirvana fan confirmed?

    KadeeqKadeeqMånad sedan
  • its sooooo ct sideeeeeeeeeeeeeed

    Nappe vNappe vMånad sedan
  • It´s "Hejdå"

    Sliced PotatoSliced PotatoMånad sedan
    • Adjö funkar också bara att de är cursed när han säger tbh

      Leffe är en UteliggareLeffe är en UteliggareMånad sedan
  • Rushly we love you!

    TheTNPfanTheTNPfanMånad sedan
  • hejdå!

    Oliver MJOliver MJMånad sedan
  • Swedish Rush sounds so cursed to real Swedes

    Leo SahlenLeo SahlenMånad sedan
  • thought it was fun to see spunj talk about this on HLTV confirmed, and now rush is making a vid on it for esl :)

    Nate CNate CMånad sedan
  • this looks like valorant map

    LightningLightningMånad sedan
    • Lol

      M_Swizzy22M_Swizzy22Månad sedan
  • rash B not work man. trash map!

    184 766 Suraj N M184 766 Suraj N MMånad sedan
    • Meanwhile me and my friends yesterday played an entire half of T by rushing B 🤣 and it worked 12 out of 15 times, I guess you’re doing something wrong, there’s literally a flash you jump throw while running that blinds all of B site except for your T friends running up B ramp, easiest B takes of my life

      M_Swizzy22M_Swizzy22Månad sedan
  • Damn, rush going pro

    Polo GlobalPolo GlobalMånad sedan
  • "Hey there future observers! Today I'm gonna teach you how to get a sick camera transition from Lower T to Bombsite B!"

    BotBotMånad sedan
  • subtitles could be useful who dont know english well)

    HencklixHencklixMånad sedan
  • Map full CT

    alieNzialieNziMånad sedan
  • Damn, never though strat would work on Ancient lol, i mean i felt the same with overpass a few years ago and now its one of the best map

    Anh HoangAnh HoangMånad sedan
  • ty ESL

    -pvm--pvm-Månad sedan
  • Can't wait to see the first pro match on Ancient.

    NussibaumNussibaumMånad sedan
  • Who has already played some de_ancient and how did you like it?

    ESL Counter-StrikeESL Counter-StrikeMånad sedan
    • Played it for the first time in Prime matchmaking against two spinbot users Much fun

      Tyr4n CSGOTyr4n CSGOMånad sedan
    • lost to rushly and co.

      Kv0pz “Kv0pz”Kv0pz “Kv0pz”Månad sedan
    • train

      MerkySalmonMerkySalmonMånad sedan
    • @Seb _YT That would be great too.

      IgorIgorMånad sedan
    • @LoneWolf - WolfPack Anubis is dope! Could replace dust2, I would like that.

      IgorIgorMånad sedan
  • 2nd

    爪ㄚ丂ㄒ乇尺ㄚ爪卂几爪ㄚ丂ㄒ乇尺ㄚ爪卂几Månad sedan
  • 1st

    Georgeee editsGeorgeee editsMånad sedan