NEW COMPETITIVE CSGO MAP! - de_ancient fly-through

This night, CSGO announced that they will remove de_train from the official map pool and add de_ancient!
Here's a quick fly-through for all of you who have never seen the map before.

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  • When officially Ancient be ready for players?

    Luu Quy TungLuu Quy TungMånad sedan
  • tbh, I like this map, its not as monotonous as many other maps, like Dust and Mirage are quite monotonous or Vertigo, Train and Nuke. This map looks very nice, very colourful and detailed. But it annoys people like me that this map not only has a lot of corners where you can camp but also pulls a lot of FPS.

    XiroXiroMånad sedan
  • Why new map? Csgo neeeds better AC ten new map.... Valve ..

    Noumeck frajerNoumeck frajerMånad sedan
  • We need de_tuscan

    Sgt Bucke (Sgt_Bucke)Sgt Bucke (Sgt_Bucke)Månad sedan
  • good map

    cherfzcherfzMånad sedan
  • The face Aatec 1.6

    Márcio RGSMárcio RGSMånad sedan
  • This map is shit

    Sohaib Siddiq KhanSohaib Siddiq KhanMånad sedan
  • It feels like a valorant map^^ but its not a bad map BTW: i want cobble back

    ilCapitano (ilcapitano)ilCapitano (ilcapitano)Månad sedan
  • And we wait like 4-5 months and this map is gone like all the other new maps xD

    Dreamers imi negevDreamers imi negevMånad sedan
  • *9 years and valve-csgo do not take out tuscan for csgo...*

    nawixssnawixssMånad sedan
  • Why not "office" 🤔😉

    aggeolukasaggeolukasMånad sedan
  • Definitely a refreshing sight. Tactically, will have to see in a few weeks/months

    Vengeance By VenomVengeance By VenomMånad sedan
  • But this map alredy exist i was playin it

    Samid123Samid123Månad sedan
  • This Map looks similar to BREEZE map in Valorant 🤔🤔

    Saiesh NachinolkarSaiesh NachinolkarMånad sedan
  • We Need aztec tuscan and prodigy

    sqeeze der bosssqeeze der bossMånad sedan
  • Wait this is going to be at pro level?

    Night ReaperNight ReaperMånad sedan
  • where is de_cobblestone the most iconic map ever :( PLEASEEEE VALVE

    MaxMgsMaxMgsMånad sedan
  • de_aztec 2.0

    δlieřδlieřMånad sedan
  • i will waiting for de_aztec.

    mais um desgraçado genéricomais um desgraçado genéricoMånad sedan
  • Nobody cares about those akward stolen fanmade unless they give us back Aztec and Dust 1.

    BerjoiBerjoiMånad sedan
  • Nice map

    BONNIE 34BONNIE 34Månad sedan
  • Aztec baby!

    Red WarRed WarMånad sedan
  • this map aint good enough.

    3waystopcock3waystopcockMånad sedan
  • de_aztec, is that you?

    Alex Creating ContentAlex Creating ContentMånad sedan
  • Now bring back cobble

    G TridimasG TridimasMånad sedan
  • Fly trough Okay Pokey and the Map nope Jokey

    TheNiittylahtiTheNiittylahtiMånad sedan
  • Why train and not mirage?

    VorpalVorpalMånad sedan
  • Gamers want proffesional map. LİKE OLD CACHE, MİRAGE, İNFERNO..

    adwenturedowx9 bitch.adwenturedowx9 bitch.Månad sedan
  • Sad to see train go, but this map looks quite different so I am excited

    mota bhaimota bhaiMånad sedan
  • Aztec on steroids?

    Deyan DenevDeyan DenevMånad sedan
  • Teams tryin to find smoke , molotov points

    tar1cktar1ckMånad sedan
  • Map is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig shit

    AnimationManAnimationManMånad sedan
  • First.. why Train and not Mirage? Second.. why Ancient and not Anubis or both?

    Rene MortensenRene MortensenMånad sedan
  • Ancient in Major ist going to be so niceee

    ZensetZensetMånad sedan
  • Gives me CObble vibes

    Neon ThapaNeon ThapaMånad sedan
  • Gambit be like "Wait why"

    dan altamiranodan altamiranoMånad sedan
  • Just remove the green, it fucks my brain

    Kimi RaikkonenKimi RaikkonenMånad sedan
  • I hate this map and didn’t even play it. You too?

    TheDamirBosnaTheDamirBosnaMånad sedan
    • Yep! Always removed from options 😉

      Petko KapitanPetko KapitanMånad sedan
  • Anubis and Chlorine were way better choices than this map.

    Nathaniel RussellNathaniel RussellMånad sedan
  • Train was way better, ancient is a shit map

    Will JWill JMånad sedan
  • will this map played at major?

    neibqfneibqfMånad sedan
  • De_train ;(

  • I was practicing this map with a couple of mates yesterday... You need 7 smokes, 5 flashes and 8 mollies to take A, 1 smoke and 1 molly to take B... this map is just not it bro lol

    Williams MartinezWilliams MartinezMånad sedan
    • vertigo was shit at the beginning too

      Rafał MarciszRafał Marcisz11 dagar sedan
  • Insert music from 3kliksphilip here :D

    biela88biela88Månad sedan
  • I love this map

    R3neeXD -R3neeXD -Månad sedan
  • Shit map!

    Anes ĐogićAnes ĐogićMånad sedan
  • Trash

    l0ci9l0ci9Månad sedan
  • when it first match in this map?

    Cristián HidalgoCristián HidalgoMånad sedan
  • Guys this maps called aztec ?

    KHARROUBI abdelkaderKHARROUBI abdelkaderMånad sedan
  • man train was so amazing, should've removed d2.

    Rish JRish JMånad sedan
  • lol removing a perfectly fine map and replacing it with ancient? this map is pure trash lol. autosniper OP, p90 OP and too green for player skins.. and too unbalanced

    Erik HeijinkErik HeijinkMånad sedan
  • awp shouldn’t be wallbanging through these thick ancient walls.

    sUccsUccMånad sedan
  • First 7 rounds playing this map, I got dizzy

    15 Jala Tua15 Jala TuaMånad sedan
  • No sounds, correct?

    TorfinnTorfinnMånad sedan
  • Needs optimisation.

    Matt J.Matt J.Månad sedan
  • Who is ready for Indiana jones level plays.

    john smithjohn smithMånad sedan
  • very valorant style map. just a bunch of boring bland corridors and a site too easy to take and one too hard to take

    Alexander PowerAlexander PowerMånad sedan
  • Meanwhile Astralis has God level strats ready from couple of months.

    john smithjohn smithMånad sedan
  • the silence is eerie

    Bandame LyndemBandame LyndemMånad sedan
  • damnnnn this comment section is so toxic, the cs community really is a thing of beauty

    Luka van der MeijLuka van der MeijMånad sedan
  • As soon as Valorant came with a New Breeze map for their game active map pool, CS:GO does the same thing. It is not even a new map. Be original please, Mr. Valve.

    Kemo LiveKemo LiveMånad sedan
  • B site is impossible to take, A site too easy to take. Those are my first impressions.

    Haris DedićHaris DedićMånad sedan
    • I think a is heavy ct sided and mid to

      aggeolukasaggeolukasMånad sedan
  • Inspired by pubgm ruins🌝

    rebelripperrebelripperMånad sedan
  • This comment section is restoring my faith in th cs comunity. Finaly some people who are hyped to see what the future holds and dont instantly starts complaining. I mean, we've seen what valve has done with vertigo and how good that map has become. I havs full faith that ancient will be the next big hype and we'll get some of those wonderful moments like the astralis vs liquid vertigo game in the last major

    StefanStefanMånad sedan
    • @fica games11 good arguments you bring

      StefanStefanMånad sedan
    • @Stefan them not liking the map equals not liking the map

      fica games11fica games11Månad sedan
    • @fica games11 how does that equal them hating the map? 90% of inferno rounds start with a nade battle in banana, but u dont hear anyone saying they hate inferno

      StefanStefanMånad sedan
    • @Stefan Idk what matches you are watching but in pro matches 90% of rounds start by 2-3 Ts going ramp, CTs and Ts exchanging fire through smoke, throwing a ton of utility. In general snoozefest for B anchor

      fica games11fica games11Månad sedan
    • @fica games11 well we must be watching different matches then

      StefanStefanMånad sedan
  • looks cool and good layout. i don't like it when maps are too open, too many angles to cover.

    g00gleyesg00gleyesMånad sedan
  • I think it will be fun to see pros playing.

    Bogdan ComanBogdan ComanMånad sedan
  • Just glad there’s something new

    Kris ReeceKris ReeceMånad sedan
  • Nope, bad map, bring back train, or better yet, Anubis

    Tetr1sCSTetr1sCSMånad sedan
  • all I can say is WTF

    Canh Hung NguyenCanh Hung NguyenMånad sedan
  • The nostalgia is real

    Nelson YeungNelson YeungMånad sedan
  • Wish I could play CSGO again. I miss it a lot :(

    Swaroop HegdeSwaroop HegdeMånad sedan
    • @silhig rite

      cowZ zecowZ zeMånad sedan
    • @cowZ ze Well, unless he's trying to go pro it doesn't really matter, at the end of the day , your rank doesn't matter at all in the real world ,

      silhigsilhigMånad sedan
    • Lol by the time u come back they might have lot of changes that u wouldnt keep up with it

      cowZ zecowZ zeMånad sedan
    • @Swaroop Hegde Priorities bro , csgo will always be there , just focus on more important matters first

      silhigsilhigMånad sedan
    • @Sameer I know it's free. I've been playing it since 2017. But I can't for another year and a half because I'm preparing for the JEE.

      Swaroop HegdeSwaroop HegdeMånad sedan
  • effective immediately?

    HayashiHayashiMånad sedan
  • Why......

    itskimmyitskimmyMånad sedan
  • de_aztec?

    Daniel “DHDDS” HenriqueDaniel “DHDDS” HenriqueMånad sedan
  • These sites will be too easy to retake... There is absolutely 0 cover anywhere

    Frederik MortensenFrederik MortensenMånad sedan
    • U don't have to stay on site,the amount of angles ct's have to clear is too much so you can hide in one of those cheeky angles

      Tarun HoodaTarun HoodaMånad sedan
  • Now memories will be made on this map :)

    Bharat BahadurBharat BahadurMånad sedan
  • FINALLY, ....... AZTEC IS BACK GUYS!!!!!!

  • RIP Train you'll be missed!

    _Chaitanyaaa__Chaitanyaaa_Månad sedan
    • no

      CobbleCobbleMånad sedan
  • Feels like de_contra

    SayGoodbyeBroSayGoodbyeBroMånad sedan
  • why you need to remove train for this shit

    Тимон Трифонов (Timonaki)Тимон Трифонов (Timonaki)Månad sedan
  • no wonder csgo is dying

    Mr D EagleMr D EagleMånad sedan
  • instead of train, yeah, much better map

    brahim skenderbrahim skenderMånad sedan
  • frames drops are lot in this maps :(

    aryan panditaryan panditMånad sedan
    • True man,I get 220-300 on dust and mirage but I get only 100-150 on this map,rip aim

      Tarun HoodaTarun HoodaMånad sedan
  • Casuals won't play this map because it frame drops too much on low end PCs though. Should've added Anubis.

    Karan NagwekarKaran NagwekarMånad sedan
  • RIP Train💔🚂

    sletten4eversletten4everMånad sedan
  • Instead of this map just bring back aztec

    KRIZULA11KRIZULA11Månad sedan
    • Funnily enough, That was actually the story behind this map. Supposedly Valve were working on an Aztec remaster and made a bunch of high quality assets (models, props, textures etc.) but couldn’t figure out how to balance it properly while still having it feel like Aztec, so they just map a new map with all the new assets instead.

      Xcm LedderXcm LedderMånad sedan
  • idk why everyone hating on de_ancient but it is a legit compatetive map i hate seeing traing out of the pool it should have been mirage bcz this map kind a play like mirage with emphasis pn mid control and late game rotations and lurking

    GSXII 12 (G-saints12)GSXII 12 (G-saints12)Månad sedan
    • Train too unbalanced dude

      O kO kMånad sedan
  • This map has a 1000 camping spots. Could be really irritating.

    Swarnaditya MaitraSwarnaditya MaitraMånad sedan
  • this map is sooo gooood makes me laugh everytime

    AdoneAdoneMånad sedan
  • They replaced De_Train for this ?? Why not replaced De_Vertigo instead !? Honestly, I rather prefer Train over Vertigo in competitive map pool

    YTGC-RoyaleWareX51YTGC-RoyaleWareX51Månad sedan
    • @Petko Kapitan also, can you tell me why its NOT ct sided?

      O kO kMånad sedan
    • @Petko Kapitan ??? How were my feelings hurt, exactly?

      O kO kMånad sedan
    • @O k 😂 did I hurt your feelings bot_man

      Petko KapitanPetko KapitanMånad sedan
    • @Petko Kapitan it is, do your research, silver 2

      O kO kMånad sedan
    • Absolutely!!! And OK guy stop spamming that Train is CT sided!!! It’s Not!

      Petko KapitanPetko KapitanMånad sedan
  • Looks dope!

    robin edholmrobin edholmMånad sedan
  • Bring back your stream here esl.

    MükiRose VirüsMükiRose VirüsMånad sedan
  • First cache and cobblestone now train 😞😞

    Semih ŞentürkSemih ŞentürkMånad sedan
  • But I love de_train... D:

    GerdronexGerdronexMånad sedan
  • There is no fucking way this will be a pro map. Boosty Boys and all the Hidey Holes, yes Smokes, but there’s so many damn spots on this map, you couldn’t possibly smoke them all, or gain enough map control to cancel out the rest. This some casual map

    Bobby BoucherBobby BoucherMånad sedan
  • This is good but everyone will RUSH B

    Shpat ShpatShpat ShpatMånad sedan
    • but A site is really hard to retake

      GSXII 12 (G-saints12)GSXII 12 (G-saints12)Månad sedan

    Shandy TheoShandy TheoMånad sedan
  • but is zit map pool tho

  • Of all the maps you guys could have removed, you decided to go with Train? Rip cs go.

    Miguel AmaralMiguel AmaralMånad sedan
    • @O k its pretty much the same. Heavy strat maps

      Miguel AmaralMiguel AmaralMånad sedan
    • @Miguel Amaral i know nuke is ct sided its my main map, but i think train is a bit more unbalanced. I could be wrong though, im LE so im not the best

      O kO kMånad sedan
    • @O k everyone knows. Also, nuke

      Miguel AmaralMiguel AmaralMånad sedan
    • @Miguel Amaral how do i know nothing? At least i know that train is ct sided

      O kO kMånad sedan
    • @O k it's ok, you know nothing about cs, take care

      Miguel AmaralMiguel AmaralMånad sedan
  • Man fuck this shit .. , u can't take off an OG map just cuz u feel so .. De_Train's been there since 1.6 n most arguably its a top5 map .. personnaly as an "LEM-SMFC / faceit level8" player i cannot perform as much in De_Train as i can in De_Inferno , De_Mirage , De_Nuke , De_Dust2 or some shit maps like De_FuckCache but shit its TRAIN for fuck sake .. Fuck Volvo.

    baha chouaribaha chouariMånad sedan